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  1. I think my point stands with your sentiment in that if we can get AA's serious about Greco by providing them an avenue to the trials, then maybe we can get a deeper pool of talent domestically in Greco. Most NCAA AA's have zero chance of winning a match at Freestyle WTT and they know it. Maybe that is true in Greco too.
  2. I really liked the point Chael made about NCAA's and the World Team Trials. We need to do something to get better wrestlers in the Greco WTT. Chael's point - all NCAA All Americans should qualify for the Greco WTT. NCAA's is a feeder program and none of these AA wrestlers compete Greco. I cannot think of a single instance where a wrestler wins NCAA's and decides they are using their qualification to go to Greco WTT instead of the Freestyle WTT. I bet it has never happened. Because of this, we should widen the net. This would bring more eyes to Greco and get more talent inside the USA Greco circuit. I think these All Americans would be surprised by how well they do, or at least be motivated by failure to keep going. My proposal - Obviously, we do not want half the Greco bracket to be NCAA All Americans, but I propose that Greco gets four qualifying spots but the higher placing wrestler gets priority. If 2nd, 3rd, and 4th want to go but 5th does not, then the next highest placing wrestler that opts in gets in the tournament(6th-8th). We know the NCAA Champion will go to the Freestyle trials.
  3. Thank you! I was not aware and clearly I do not pay much attention to Greco. You would think something like this occurring would bring attention to Greco. We never have any guys with freestyle resume(or any NCAA resume either for that matter), step into Greco. Greco needs people we know stepping on the mat. I did not see this covered anywhere and could not find an article on Flo mentioning it.
  4. It seems like he has enough time. I am surprised. I can only speculate that Grey made the call on his own due to lack of training ahead of the tournament. A bad performance could hurt his seeding at domestic tournament in 2022. As we can see with the projected seedings at 61kg - no competing for a year does not hurt you in seeding.
  5. Why was Tyler Graff absent at the Olympic Team Trials? I never saw an actual statement from him or Reece over the last year?
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