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  1. I think Cael has made it a point to get Casey paid as if he were an elite HC. Nobody knows the figures but when you consider the NLWC donation and the fact Casey can be paid through there, it adds up. But perhaps more than monetary, Cael has truly made Casey feel like he's his equal when it comes to PSU/NLWC. He always gives credit to Casey for being the true architect of PSU's success. During DT's watershed moment (aka Olympic Finals), Cael went to the stands like a fan and put his faith completely in Casey. That kind of humility Cael shows is what allows him to maintain his dynasty.
  2. I don't think Casey would take the Penn State HC job if it was offered to him. He'd talk Cael out of retiring or quitting instead.
  3. Penn State 2017 was very special as well. Similar to Gable's 97 team, there were doubts with that team going into NCAAs since they lost Big Tens. 146.5 when you lose a guy you were expecting a Top 2 finish from is something else.
  4. What's insane is that Iowa team in 1997 was somewhat of an underdog going in. Perfect way for Gable to retire, his finest coaching job ever.
  5. For the record, it's way more Cael than Penn State as the reason for this dynasty. All the advantages PSU has always existed and the team was irrelevant for the most part. If PSU hypothetically didn't hire Cael (Rob Koll was originally the hire), I think Cael finds another school to awaken, Penn State was just the golden opportunity. Cael I believe always envisioned he could do what he did since he got to Penn State but he knew it couldn't be done at Iowa State. I truly believe he wanted to stay at Iowa State as well at one point but he needed insane investments that could differentiate them with Iowa (facilities, RTC funding) and the school just wasn't willing to meet them in 2009 (I don't think Iowa State has that much money either)
  6. A good point is being made on the thread. A good bit of Cael's heavy hitters in his first run were literally just sitting there for him when he arrived. A lot of untapped potential obviously but the "Jimmy and Joes" were mostly there: Frank Molinaro Quentin Wright Ed Ruth (didn't even know who Cael was lol) All of them were going to be at Penn State whether Cael went there or not. Just shows how easy it is to attract talents to that school. Hell he had Bubba Jenkins there also if he wanted (but he didn't lol) Then he sprinkled in his guys: DT (his main man) Nico (does he get him to come to Ames? I have my doubts about that to be honest, I think Nico is another guy that just goes to Penn State) Long for a year (lol) A triple redshirted thanks to a mission trip Matt Brown Dylan Alton (another example of a I think they go to Penn State no matter what, they're from the backyard) Morgan McIntosh (I am REALLY doubtful he goes to Iowa State, I think he did go to PSU for Cael but there were rumors he was homesick every year) I think Cael's teams to be honest looks quite different at Iowa State (he'll get stud recruits for sure and they'll become studs as well) and he definitely gets some of the guys he got at PSU at Iowa State but probably not all of them. Things can change majorly if literally a Zain or Jason Nolf goes to Iowa instead also (for the record, I don't think either had Iowa in 2nd, Zain was Lehigh or PSU and Nolf I heard if not PSU would have gone to a Stanford or Cornell)
  7. You just answered your own thoughts
  8. Overall not bad analysis and maybe you'll be right about Facundo. That being said, comparing him to Bartlett and Joe Lee isn't the best argument. Joe Lee is a bust because well ... he just has no wrestling IQ whatsoever and I'm not even sure he pays attention to his coaches. He is basically a walk on who came with Nick. There was a time when I thought he had a ton of potential though because yes, he did attack (he just didn't think lol) Hard to call Bartlett a bust right now but if he becomes one, it's because he doesn't shoot. Facundo shoots a lot ... he just can't finish on elite competition since he overly relies on attacks without setting up right now.
  9. Bartlett at 149 definitely mentally affected his style a bit but I saw him breaking through it a bit when he was wrestling free. He'll have all next season to work on it as well. He is a bit of a head case IMO. He seemed so excited he was able to move around his opponents easier that he suddenly started to bully D'Emilio by just pushing him out over and over (and he did it 5 times in a half) Before you know it, he gave up a TD and then 4 and lost. Still has a long way to go and agreed you can't pencil him in the Top 8 but the opportunity is there. You're correct, he's always going to be a win 5-3 kind of guy. At 141, he'll be able to do that more than lose especially since that class is open after Matthews and Woods IMO.
  10. I don't think he wrestles next year ... I imagine he wants to (why he skipped senior year) but it'll be interesting to see what Cael's call is. The points aren't needed right now but he is a "break in case of emergency" option if God forbid, injuries or other guys aren't developing for Cael. That or maybe Cael doesn't want another undefeated 4 timer and the risk is way too high if he redshirts Levi ;-)
  11. Levi Haines is definitely an AA contender if he wrestles next year. The match that was most eye opening was him going up 8-1 on Andrew Cerniglia his first college tournament (before Cerniglia defaulted) He was bullying a legitimate grown man as a HS senior without coaching yet (I doubt Cael/Casey gave him any attention in the middle of the season, he was probably just rolling around with guys on the team) He was pretty even with Paddy (who was edge wrestling a bit) The final score was misleading, Levi found the go ahead takedown down 3-2 and turked a broken Gallagher for 4. That was the only match he was remotely a threat to lose in his 2 college tournaments. As for his losses to Mesenbrink, doubt there is much to extrapolate from that. Hamiti lost to Facundo last year at Juniors (and also to Caliendo) Neither were ready to have as good of a folk season as he would this year (6th in a deep 165 class) Max Dean got teched by Foca at 189 last year, Foca was 1-2 at 174 this year and Dean won 197.
  12. I'm curious how he looks at Worlds. It's been a few years but he did well Internationally at Cadets (2 bronzes)
  13. I'd enjoy this as a fan but curious about the sudden change of heart. Is it because he's not as hot of a WWE commodity as many thought?
  14. And I expect him to make a jump but he had a long way to go as of last year. Ls to Bullard, JM Best and Fish. He didn't give up takedowns in 2 of those matches though, which is his MO, he is very difficult to takedown but he needs to get to his offense as well. 165 will also be very tough to AA at but that's the situation every year.
  15. The McCort kids seriously need a public relations team. Their own postings is what gets them in trouble. I also would be shocked if Gibson is a priority target for either PSU or OSU at this point.
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