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  1. So, the first time I faced someone that dropped to both knees were in high school. I wrestled 170, and what I was told was to bull rush them if they are on their knees. Long story short I got thrown to my back...... Didnt get pinned but gave up 5 points. I like the approach that was mentioned here, to stay in the middle because the other guy is stalling.
  2. Will the hawkeyes and fans at the carver arena be enough to hold back PSU?! 8 out of the 10 matches will have ranked contenders and a total of 3 #1 Vs #2 matches ( according to inter mat rankings that were updated in September.) While Iowa claimed a national title PSU crowned 4 compared to the 1 individual national champion Iowa crowned. As we all know this will be a nail bitter and to expect always the unexpected at this dual meet. Below is my opinion on what may take place. 4points 125 #1( Lee) VS (Suriano?) Prob will be #2 This will be absolutely electrifying if this goes down 4 points 133 #4(desanto) Vs #1(RBY) This will be interesting due to desanto being injured the last two times they matched up, as I would love to see him pull it off, 3 points 141 #2 (Eierman) Vs #1(Lee) A grudge match from the finals last year, carver arena will help Eierman pull it off! 6 points 149 #10(Murin)Vs Open 4 points 157 #6 (Young) vs #26( Lee) This will be the unexpected moment in the dual meet 6 points 165 #2 (Marinelli) vs OPEN 3 Points 174 #2 (Kemerer) Vs #1(Starocci) Another grudge match that will end in the hawkeyes favor. 6 points 184 #15(Brands) vs #1 (Brooks) 4 points 197 #3 (Warner) VS #4 (Dean) 6 points HWT #3 (Cassioppi) Vs #5 (Kerkvliet) Cassioppi aint playing around this year! 28- 18 IOWA!
  3. Yo IF SURIANO GOES TO PENN STATE and wrestles 125, The iowa vs peenstate meet is going to be even more BIZARK! Really hoping this happens.
  4. Old Hickory has me dying laughing right now
  5. Can we see Austin desanto be in the running for a ncaa tittle this year? Can he overcome RBY? Can we see the old desanto again?!
  6. What is some of the most heavy recruited tournaments a sophmore and junior should be doing on the offseason?!
  7. Bro he teched Mckee like 2 months ago...... yes it was freestyle and not folk style but that in my book is considered a big dog win and he did this as a junior in high school.
  8. Seriously thoe, Jesse could be a true freshman and still be a contender for an NCAA title….
  9. He also just beat a guy as a HIGH SCHOOLER that took 3rd in the NCAA....
  10. There has been alot of top Indiana Kids going to IU after Escobedo took over.
  11. I would really like to see him at Purdue, Méndez can be a program changer. They got some kids in the back up by his weight that if Méndez can get his hands on he could make the greats as well. (Dustin Norris)
  12. For you guys that have gone what is the price for a session 6 ticket?
  13. Speaking about Iowa, when the heck can I get my tickets to that dual meet?!
  14. Thanks you for the feedback, as a new parent I’m still learning these things. We only plan on attending session 6. I really did not think about those around me… very valid reason to take into consideration, I don’t want to be that guy with the screaming kid. I might just go to Iowa vs pen instead
  15. I’m going to try, I plan on taking my 1 year old son. Do they have age restrictions? And would I need to get him a seat as well?
  16. Honest answer what is better to see in person The finals or Iowa vs pen state at carver arena
  17. I think Henson was really the one wrestler that stood out to me the most yesterday.
  18. I really enjoyed watching Henson wrestle. I think he has something special and Will make some loud noise in college.
  19. So to start this off, this is my very first post on theese forums. I am super excited to see that their is alot of people active on here and share the same energy as i do for wrestling. So anyways I will be going to the 2022 NCAA's and most likely only attend session 5 and 6 since I will be driving friday afternoon from indiana to detroit. I am looking from advice from you guys to help guide me threw this with ease. What are the best seats? What is the best session? How Is the energy level in person? And lastly where the HECK CAN I BUY MY INDIVIDUAL TICKETS?!? Anybody know where or when they will go on sale? Super excited!
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