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  1. The 'saving process' didn't take place entirely after he left. It was a long and concerted effort by the staff and a great many people to raise awareness and funds to show the AD how big of a mistake he was making. Considering the way the wind was blowing and the uncertainty could you blame someone for taking advantage of an opportunity to have a bit more reliability?
  2. Why take the time to even consider the possibility of being wrong, uninformed, or bias on an issue? Let alone admit it? Asking for honest discussions, might be a bridge too far when victory is as simple as 'NUH-UH!' Also, if you and your friends kick that ball in my yard one more time....
  3. I think, typically, criminal charges are filed first if possible. Pleading the 5th or refusing to testify in a criminal case cannot be used to infer guilt. That is not necessarily the case in a civil trial. Hence the order
  4. Assistant Coach position has been posted for a few days. Any news?
  5. Stevens Institute & RIT. Seems like these schools aren't having trouble filling their rosters. Lets not let good enough be good enough. Keep adding to it. More smart wrestlers, I say! I hope to work for them some day. Better snacks in the break room!
  6. I am all for coaches having fun. I think there was a dearth of fun in college wrestling for as long as I can remember. Tom and Terry have done quite a bit to shake off the that stereotype. But careful of that genius/insanity line. Not sure this is doing as much for the sport as he thinks it might. However these are crazy times in college sports and you miss all the hi-c's you don't take.
  7. Would like to see more schools in the state systems of Cali start up programs. Maybe not even D1. With Stanford, Princeton, and Cornell producing some high caliber athletes. Lets see if Cal Tech wants to throw their hat back in the ring. Start up the 'Smarty Pants' wrestling circuit. UChicago, JHU, NYU, Cal Tech, and Stevens. Not a bad look for a sport with questionable reputation when it comes to grey matter. UCLA and rival USC(I know, I know, sharks and the jets) could make for a fun duel atmosphere. Cal, Fresno(let's figure this one out, people?!), Davis. End of daydreams. To the question, I'd love to see Bakersfield get back into the mix, again. They have a great pool of talent to pull from. With the some resources and a little luck they could find a few individuals and make a run at it.
  8. Sounds like a statement from Alex Jones or Nick Saban. He should be careful not to go too far down this road. If he has proof he should make it known to the proper authorities and let them handle it or else he just comes off as a kook. Then again I hear that plays well in Iowa.
  9. Off the top of my head: Bryan Pearsall A. HC from Penn (I can't see the HC staying there much longer without a lot more success, so its risky) Brad Dillon A. HC at Lehigh(Santoro might not be long for his job so this is a long shot) Zach Tanelli HC of Columbia, getting out of the big city could be beneficial Jamie Franco A. HC at Hofstra, not a huge leap to the other side of the sound Jimmy Sheptock, AC at Harvard, jump into the deep end after a few years in Boston Paulson Brothers, striking out on their own, could create some, much needed, buzz in Providence. Jordan Leen, A. HC at Pitt, could work Adam Hall, A. HC at NC State, might be a leap Ty Eustice, AC at Davidson, not sure of his HC ambitions but similar recruiting pool, academically Tyrell Todd, A. HC at Missouri, Smith tends to hire ambitious coaches Troy Nickerson, HC UNC(the other one), brings him closer to home, the Ivy League and NY Mark Perry, honey badger don't give a sh... Derek Moore, very outside chance Nate Engel, A. HC OSU(other one), probably won't jump ship so early in tenure Trevor Branvold, AC at Minnesota, I can see this young guy taking on a challenge early in his career Jon Reader, A. HC at Wisconsin, I don't see him leaving at this point, but who knows David Bolyard, AC at Michigan, former HC. Might be a good time in his career to take another swing Not a comprehensive list by any means and in no particular order(you can probably tell I started moving west at some point).
  10. Took 8 years to get Watenberg, Lee, and Manotti to buy in. Then a lot of good luck with admin support, recruits, coaches, and misc resources. Along with the ability to bend some rules of the NCAA, that other programs didn't think of or(more likely) couldn't take advantage of. Can't argue with the consistency or level of the success.
  11. I don't understand. Do you want to know my opinion? Because I've stated it several times. The rules in place are and have helped. But they aren't fool proof. You want me to give you a perfect solution or to shut up? That's what it seems like. In pervious posts I have suggested we become more vigilant as a culture. Parents and coaches. I'm sorry if that's insulting to an already vigilant coach, like yourself. It wasn't intended to be. But if you are getting so upset over a perceived slight, should you be leading kids/athletes? Its a question that needs to be asked. It seems as if you're doing the classic rubber/glue(muddy the waters) tactic of accusing the opponent of everything you do or plan to do. Then you seem reasonable by comparison. Name calling and accusations are the hallmark of rage. You will keep responding. So people will keep reading and going back to see what it is we are arguing about. So in that respect you are driving traffic to the issue. Thank you. Keep pushing the technique, cardio, and strength over cutting. You're doing good work.
  12. Lets do it. Let the barrage of forfeits and pushing contests commence.
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