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    Amplitude7 got a reaction from The Genius in Iran Wrestling News   
    That was absolutely amazing!!
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    Amplitude7 got a reaction from de4856 in Iran is on fire   
    I think the latter. They got 5-7 days of rest after olympics. New coach brought new perspective. Fixed a lot of small issues.
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    Amplitude7 reacted to uncle bernard in Am I a traitor? (Yazdani)   
    I can't help but love the Iranians. I find myself rooting as hard for them as our guys sometimes. You can feel how the fans live and die with their guys. I want us to win, but man will I also be happy if Iran is the one who beats us. Relentless pressure and effort.
    "doot-do-do-doot-doot-doot I-RAN" is one of the greatest sounds in sports imo.
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