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    https://www.flowrestling.org/video/7181681-hbcu-wrestling-and-morgan-state-announce-new-wrestling-program "HBCUW will reestablish wrestling programs on HBCU campuses, starting with Morgan State University. Over the course of the next five years, HBCUW will launch wrestling programs and begin endowments at six HBCUs with the goal of expanding access to the opportunities created by wrestling for the Black community, expanding the Black community’s footprint and power within the sport, and investing in the critical institutions that HBCUs represent. " This is so awesome!!! I have told my Wife for years, that if I had ever won the lottery one of the first things I would do is endow the wrestling program at Howard University. Seems like someone else had a similar dream!! I wonder how they will pick the next 5 teams (Location, History, Support)? The coaching search for Morgan should be interesting!!
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    Most HBCU's are very female dominant enrollment wise, which may explain part of the reason why I enjoyed my time Howard University so much (Morgan State was our toughest conference opponents back then too) ! That being said would it help if they added both a Woman's and a Men's wrestling team at the same time? Right now the only 4 year HBCU with wrestling is Allen in SC, which is an AME sponsored school that participates in the NAIA. It makes me wonder if Allen could figure out how to do this, why can't Wilberforce (HBCU) another AME sponsored school that participates in the NAIA, in High school wrestling rich Ohio do the same thing?
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