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  1. Sunday also Cal State Bakersfield at Central Michigan, American and Campbell.
  2. If you’re “vaccinated” why are you still scared? Oh wait……
  3. Also, I’ve seen nothing regarding Harvey either.
  4. I read somewhere Munoz is down at or going 174.
  5. I heard Munoz is going 174. Wonder if that’s right.
  6. Thanks. He had a rough start. Had to wrestle Embree his first match back after almost two years but started to find his groove this weekend.
  7. My son wrestled him in the semis yesterday at the Roadrunner open. He wrestled unattached. He looks really good.
  8. I’ll be watching Bakersfield vs Michigan. Go Bakersfield!!!
  9. I have always been bothered by people who say “be humble” regarding athletes (wrestlers) after they win a match. Mainly for celebrating etc. I never got that thinking. I think it’s more to protect the feelings of those that were probably rooting against them than simply being “humble” for sportsmanship’s sake. These guys have put a lot of blood sweat and tears in to get where they are. Let them celebrate if they want and let them do their “thing” ala Ferrari. I’m not necessarily a fan of his or his teams (my kid wrestles for Cal State Bakersfield) but I won’t hate on the kid for doing his thing. Do I want to see him lose? Not necessarily, I look forward to watching kids like him wrestle because of the chance he may lose and that’s exciting.
  10. Easy tiger. It wasn’t me. Whatever happened to you. I promise, I had nothing to do with it.
  11. Yup. But some of us wanted to watch kids we know wrestle from the comfort of our living rooms.
  12. Exactly. This stuff doesn’t happen with the east coast teams. People would be hung in public for screwing something like this up. They should have hired professionals instead of letting the choir handle it.
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