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  1. I did predict that but I've never called anyone a dummy for any prediction.
  2. ...and the stream dies again right before Valencia v Wick, great.
  3. hi I'm OP of this thread and I had *no idea* the can of worms I was opening....I retract my question.
  4. every time the Cal Poly announcer says "I'm surprised we haven't gotten a stalling call" when the ASU wrestling is actively improving position, take a drink
  5. just learned that the guy ASU has going at 184 is Tito Ortiz's son
  6. why isn't Jesse Vasquez wrestling this week?
  7. I'm sure this comes up a lot, probably moreso around March, but does anybody know of an online bookmaker that puts odds on college wrestling? it's the greatest sport to bet on and you simply cannot find bookies offering it anywhere. Help?
  8. big matchup at 165 on Monday, Pac 12 looking great at that weight. Who we expect to win this? I'm obviously ride or die Anthony Valencia but objectively I'd be on him as well. What ya thinking?
  9. ASU just has no depth at all...I don't think one of our unranked guys have even gotten a W at all this year. We've 8 all American candidates surrounded by a JuCo team. Any injuries and we're screwed, as we saw against Pitt and possibly here against Princeton.
  10. this is true....BUT a lot of the stuff they have on their page if you look closely is only available on one of their sister sites, for example I tried to watch ASU v Pitt this weekend which was listed and was devastated and I do mean DEVASTATED to learn that in actuality it was only on the ACC streaming site which is somehow affiliated with ESPN. Same thing with ESPNU, those will be listed like you can watch them on the plus but if you don't have the right channels in your tv package you're out in the cold. But I'm an MMA, boxing, and hockey fan so ESPN+ is a must regardless
  11. refresh my memory here please? this year Vasquez just seems head and shoulders above Chelbove so its frustrating that he's not always out there
  12. I'm looking forward to that one big time! It's so hard to get excited for potential matchups anymore with so much lineup shuffling (duck hunting) going on, but this dual has some great ones on paper. Norfleet v Stout at 197 looks good too but is Kordell even wrestling today? Its so frustrating not to know this stuff. Nobody's goign into today's NFL playoffs like gee I sure hope Tom Brady is playing today. Why do wrestling fans have to do that?? grrrrrr.
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