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  1. does this mean if he doesn't redshirt next year? why wouldn't he wrestle next year? is he injured or something I haven't heard about?
  2. Another All American big guy has inked a deal with WWE, that's Gable, AJ, now Cohlton, am I forgetting any? Do you think this is a good look for the sport? Any potential downside to some of the All Americans aligning themselves with Vinny Mac while still competing?
  3. this is a squash match for Bo...anyway, it's so strange to me that Bo aligned himself with Jorge Masvidal, they seem like two guys who WOULD NOT get along in real life, like at all. But I guess all differences are set aside in the training room
  4. you realize it's ok not to be an *******? like, you don't *have* to be this guy
  5. Nick Suriano has a reputation as being difficult or having an attitude or whatever. Where does this come from? Sure he's bounced thru B1G programs but all he does is win, doesn't get in trouble, has virtually no social media presence whatsoever and therefore isn't saying or posting dumb stuff like many champs are....is this just plain old fashioned player hating or is there stuff about him I'm missing? bad teammate? what?
  6. holy ****, yes obviously I meant western part of the country....some people are just deliberately obtuse. edit: to be clear, TexRef isn't the one being obtuse
  7. sooner or later another Pac 12 school is gonna win the title, or at least we'd think they would. Obviously Arizona State seems like the smart choice, they might conceivably win it in the next few years. But who would you choose as the next west coast school to win the big one?
  8. was there trouble with Beckerman? butt heads with admin? athletes didn't like him? or was the program just looking to make a change?
  9. is there any reason that he would be fired? they weren't an elite program, sure, but I always understood Beckerman to be excellent, controversy free, well liked and professional? am I wrong?
  10. I assure you I don't understand the reference
  11. also the Miz has more personality in his pinkie finger than most NCAA locker rooms have combined. Dude's successful despite his MTV pedigree, not because of it.
  12. seems like everyone's sleeping on this guy cuz he's not built like an NFL linebacker and isn't a scoring machine, but dude is seriously next level talent and with Steveson outta the way could very well be a 3 time National Champ. Dude is good.
  13. great list, mine is: 1. Anthony Valencia 2. Zahid Valencia when he comes back to the wrestling room to drill 3. Jacori Teemer 3. Tanner Hall 4. Brandon Courtney 5. maybe, *possibly* Steveson 6. Michael McGee 7. Cohlton Schultz 8. Kyle Parco 9. the wrestler from Xanadu 10. RBY
  14. ASU wrestlers have clocked out and gone home today...they're all laying eggs this morning
  15. are Quint's interviews just an elaborate, years long piece of Andy Kaufmann-esque performance art? There's no way a person who asks such strange questions with such regularly can get the same gig years and years running. What's the story with this guy?
  16. so about 5% of the posters here are multiple tine AAs?
  17. anyone got the Moneylines? the one time a year when my two great interests, amateur wrestling and degenerate gambling intersect and I can't find a book laying odds on the finals anywhere...help?
  18. "so you just won a big match, did you want to win? why did you want to win? is losing bad?"
  19. ok so just to make sure you guys know, I definitely already know, what does "blood round" mean?
  20. ASU gets max team points if Stout MFFs here right?
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