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  1. Valencia getting dominated
  2. NJW


    Rivera is 100% as well. Wrestlestat isn't calculating something properly.
  3. There has to be a near 0% chance that Glory comes back from a nearly 1.5 month layoff and wrestles Courtney even if he is 100% "healthy". My guess he comes back in a week against Columbia regardless of his current status.
  4. Yeah there isn't much detail around his status but he hasn't certified yet so it's widely assumed he will take a medical RS and won't wrestle at all this year. I hope he fully recovers as well and it's not another situation where it's a career ending injury similar to Vulakh. He was a great wrestler in high school (2x state champ and 4x Fargo champ [2x double champ]) and can really add more high end depth to the bottom of the lineup.
  5. I want to believe in Kanniard but I just don't know what to make of him. I agree that he looks weak and its probably a result of cutting too much, but even aside from that he looks terrible on his feet. He is so stiff and has little defense...guys get to his legs so easily. If he is in fact cutting too much and Clark was undersized at 165, it's mind-blowing that they wouldn't had them switch weights at some point.
  6. Yeah and then at the top of the lineup should be solid as well between Turley / Poz / Soldano / Janzer / Casale / Hamilton / McDermott in some order between 174 - Hvy. The middle of the lineup is going to soft/liability once again unfortunately.
  7. Yeah it’s apparently taken too much of a toll on him and can’t do it anymore. Will be interesting to see what happens with the lineup from here on out.
  8. NJW

    No Glory?

    Lol they are protecting his #1 seed at all costs now. Highly doubt he wrestles against Courtney this week either but I bet he’ll miraculously be fine once the weaker EIWA opponents start popping up. Then he’ll shut it down before Vito in the regular season.
  9. NJW

    No Glory?

    For the 2nd time as well.
  10. NJW

    No Glory?

    Absolutely pathetic from Glory and Princeton
  11. Foca loses to the unranked Logan. Yikes.
  12. Poz with a tough 4-2 win over DJ Washington. Rode him out the whole 2nd period and absolutely broke Washington.
  13. We'll usually hear two sides of a story and then truth is somewhere in the middle.
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