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  1. Lincoln Mac and Gray are being totally disrespected, this seems like a perfect example of "prisoner of the moment"...
  2. Nice guess! Another stud, but no. I have been reading this board anonymously for maybe 15 years, and have never replied to one topic, until this. I felt compelled to remark about Kusick. Struck a chord I guess..
  3. Oh, and to the subject at hand..Beckerman, along with Jeremy Hunter introduced me to some big L's. Todd was excellent in all phases.
  4. In the room maybe, but like any "true" D1 wrestler ever...they don't like getting taking down. Outside the room he was great and had contagious energy. Glad he was on my side. The LHU teams back then were very good and very deep. that always had energy
  5. Scrapped with Mike..as he was a teammate on the LHU team for a shrt period of time..different kind of motor there..great guy to have had on your side R.I.P.
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