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  1. As a Northern Colorado fan. I would love if Burwick came. I dont know if it will stay this way, but Koelzer wrestled at 61kg (134 lbs) at the u23 WTT...So, maybe he is moving up to 133?
  2. Dazjon Casto from The Citadel entered the portal as a graduate transfer
  3. Again from Pat Mineo "Gophers may lose a big fish!" and "Rumblings that BIG TIME commit may flip soon…"
  4. According to Pat Mineo "Chittum and Taylor Lamont both officially visiting Ohio State in May!"
  5. Andrew Berreyesa from Cornell is also coming to Northern Colorado.
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    I just ran all of the 141 bracket in Wrestlestat....is wrestlestat that much of a joke? (I know they do the best they can, and it is just a tool for entertainment) Here are the top 8 placers with seed and record (after all matches) 1. (1) Nick Lee 22-0 2. (2) Jaydin Eierman 20-2 3. (24) Stevan Micic 16-7 4. (23) Gabe Willochell 28-10 5. (6) Cole Matthews 21-4 6. (5) Andrew Alirez 25-6 7. (9) Allan Hart 20-7 8. (19) Chad Red 15-9 No Sebastian Rivera, No Real Woods and a few other wrestlers
  7. Mosha Schwartz left Northern Colorado for Oklahoma. According to wrestlestat he also jumped from 133 to 141. I wonder if that is why he left. He was tired of cutting weight to make 133, but couldn't beat Alirez at 141.
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