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  1. For the 90's just off the top of my head I'd say Lincoln Mcilravy and Joe Williams both beat out Neal, and those are guys that just popped into my head. And Brands beats both those guys as well. So Neal at the very least is only the 4th best.
  2. Just announced! https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2022-03-08/ncaa-announces-large-selections-2022-division-i-wrestling-championships
  3. Brackets come out Wednesday.
  4. 1990 Northwestern 1991 Illinois 1992 Wisconsin 1993 Ohio State 1994 Iowa 1995 Indiana 1996 Michigan State 1997 Minnesota 1998 Penn State 1999 Michigan 2000 Purdue 2001 Northwestern 2002 Illinois 2003 Wisconsin 2004 Ohio State 2005 Iowa 2006 Indiana 2007 Michigan State 2008 Minnesota 2009 Penn State 2010 Michigan 2011 Northwestern 2012 Purdue 2013 Illinois 2014 Wisconsin 2015 Ohio State 2016 Iowa 2017 Indiana 2018 Mighigan State 2019 Minnesota 2020 Rutgers 2021Penn State 2022Nebraska
  5. If it follows previous years, since they've already gotten Rutgers and Nebraska out of the way, if it's Michigan next year('23) it should be followed by Purdue('24), Northwestern)'25), Illinois('26), Wisconsin('27)
  6. Disheartening to be sure, but any UW fan realistically looking at this and it probably went exactly the way it was suppose to go. It's a bad match up for UW. Where UW is strong, Iowa has better kids. Iowa is Iowa. We figured Barnett and Gomez would win. As for Hamiti, I guess we could have hoped for a W, but it's against Marinelli. Marinelli is good. Hamiti looked sloppy, made some mistakes, and got taken out of his style, but was still there in the end. Think it'll be an even better match next time. The only really disappointing thing is Hilger getting absolutely worked 10-0. Bono absolutely has this program on the right track. Bono is pulling in very good recruits and with a few to the transfers, the future in bright. If Barry Davis was still at the helm this is easily a 50-0 drubbing.
  7. wiwrestling.com for Wisconsin.
  8. 125 is Eric Barnett, not Rotondo. At 133 Burwick is tough as well. He should again be a NQ and get a few wins also. Zargo at 141 is gonna be a surprise as well. UW could/should have all 10 qualify for Nationals.
  9. Is there information ANYWHERE about this Illinois Matmen tournament? I can't find anything.
  10. New Midlands. Chris Bono just tweeted that Wisconsin is attending the New Midlands on Dec 29/30. Has anyone heard any details on this? I know the Hawkeye Open thing was gonna be Jan 1/2. Maybe it's that and they moved the days back a bit?
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