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  1. Great news for teemer. Maybe makes next leap
  2. Props Joseph.he flys under radar. Solid. All the time. Much stronger then he looks.
  3. I really like to see him win the spot. Been sticking with it. Close. Tough challenge but would be nice catch a break for his work.
  4. Was it worth it for Iowa?
  5. No i am looking for the high schooler that beat him.
  6. Remember there always some special kid coming out high scholl. What wait is Paddy Gallagher kid from ohio. Going be next year?
  7. Stating obvious. Lots of great programs but I see the development how of how kids progress in psu room. Its pretty amazing what there doing. Yea they get talent. But they do a lot with the talent. Gilman alone was best version I seen. Including his attitude. Thet handle them self off the mat as champs as well. Rooting for Michigan was hoping for change. Too much special **** happening at Happy Valley.
  8. Adonian may pin him or get pinned will see in 2 minutes
  9. I understand what your saying but he has 5 state championships doing it. Obviously different level. But he gets hot he can win it. But yes you bring up good point. I felt that about Eirman. Same as Dylan Ness. ( Got love these guys though. You love to watch whats going happen. Franeks only 3 loses where Carr so good natch in quarters)
  10. Hes a freak. He can win the whole thing or lose to Franek. Will see tomorrow. But he can cause anyone fits.
  11. I think Sartocci Labriola out side shot Dean tough few matches to semis Amine - not likely but coleman/battista
  12. The weight has much more then kemmer mahki may have shot
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