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  1. Findlay High School, Ohio will be hosting the “Findlay Invitational Girls High-School Tournament aka “The FIGHT” on Friday December 16 and Saturday 17, 2022. While this will be the first year of the girls’ event, it would have been the 6th year of the boys’ event that it will be replacing. Our hope is to recruit the best women's teams from around the United States and bring them to Findlay, Ohio for a NFHS Sanctioned in season event. Our goal is 40-50 teams, full 32 girl brackets and run it on 9 mats. This event will be run on trackwrestling.com and we will be live streaming it as well due to teams coming in from long distances. If you are interested in more information please email me at thefight2022@gmail.com Just to clarify again, we are only looking for state sanctioned HS girls wrestling teams. I know that many states are still in the process of full sanctioning and that is fine. We are not looking for clubs.
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