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  1. Breaking: Kael is making Shindledecker change his first name to Jeff to avoid any future confusion.
  2. Chittum with a pretty dominant Fargo. His potential transfer talk seems to of stalled a bit. Maybe he's staying firm with his commitment to Minny? Did Mr. Saylor or anyone interview him after his Fargo title to address this, I haven't found anything.
  3. I'm content with staying at the lowest tier possible. Keep me out of the limelight. If TheMat Admin offers Jimmy Cinnabon a tier 11 to jump Vak (No offense Vak) would that entice him to make a return?
  4. Could this be even more of a dilemma for the selection committee come NCAA time if teams utilize this with multiple wrestlers? If a true freshman can't compete unattached in the 1st semester do they have to use 1 of their 5 opportunities if they wrestle in say, the MSU open?
  5. DF & Jimmy C both gone...........Makes ya wonder.
  6. As far as a 1-2 combo at 125 & 133 next year for the Big 10 not many teams will rank above Wisconsin..... Howard/RBY- Definitely Lee/ Ybarra?- Yes because of Lee bonus potential Shawver/Alvarez- No Medley/Ragusin- Maybe, but i'll still say no Malik/Mendez?- Maybe, but no as of now no. I think that puts Wisconsin 3rd in terms of 125/133 for Big Ten teams. Northwestern would be ahead but again I still don't know the status of DeAugustino.
  7. That's gotta be the move. Eric Barnett finished 7th last year and has eligibility left. I think Barnett is the 2nd best 125 in the B10 next year behind some guy from Iowa. (Still think he's ahead of Deaugustino if he comes back) That's gonna be a nice 1-2 punch for Wiscy next season.
  8. How crazy was it that these 4 wrestlers alone were able to win Monroeville the Ohio State D.III title by bonusing their way to state tournament titles? I think Monroeville may have qualified 1 other wrestler that year but he didn't put up many points.
  9. Jason, I should of done more digging. I agree that is not a bad career at all for Villalonga. I stand corrected.
  10. Also think of Chris Villalonga (Cornell) Jared Platt (Va. Tech)
  11. Chittum did commit to Minnesota very early, before all this NIL stuff became legit. Does anyone know if Chittum is wrestling his senior season or going an OTC-type path?
  12. Try to swoop Lamont from the portal and bump to 133 that way all incoming fresh can RS together? Not sure of Lamont's size, i.e. there's no way Malik could ever go 133 with his size.
  13. I too would think Bouzakis a slight favorite. Hopefully whomever redshirts of the 2 the can focus on getting their body right for 141 the next 4 seasons thereafter.
  14. I think its a waste to have any of these recruits wrestle their true freshman season, especially if tOSU isn't guaranteed a top 3 finish.
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