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  1. It’s very Ticky tack, there are kids younger than him committed verbally to schools already. these kids go to camps take visits in 8th grade, Mason and the Bassett brothers trained at Ohio State a month or so ago. were they offered?! Not formally but we’re they told about how great that school would be for them? more than likely.
  2. Jesse may be a 133 for a year maybe 2 eventually he will be 141 and Bouzakis will be 133. Bouzakis is better in Folk right now between the 2 IMO. and Jesse may be better than Dylan D at 141 even undersized
  3. Cody Chittum is committed to Minnesota verbally still, he just took visits to Ohio State, Iowa and Virginia Tech in that order. The kid hasn’t said much publicly, even as an Ohio State fan there isn’t any guarantee he doesn’t go to Minny still. Could just be doing some visits he didn’t have the chance to do earlier
  4. Chittum, the Bassett Brothers, Mason Gibson were all confirmed to have been at Ohio State this past weekend.
  5. Thank you for the clarification.
  6. Am I correct that current NLWC wrestlers are allowed to call and make offers to kids? Since they are not technically affiliated with Penn State?
  7. I found references to it on Eleven Warriors Wednesday skull session and linked to a sports illustrated article. But not sure if the full article has been published yet.
  8. FWIW I did read and article today, where the NCAA is getting ready to crack down on boosters being involved in NIL deals. They will be highlighting it since it is already technically a rule that many universities have been breaking. The article said “boosters are a part of the athletic program, therefore they are not allowed to engage in NIL deals as that creates a pay to play environment”
  9. I’m a huge Sasso fan, but in regards to your thoughts, I agree. i feel his sophomore year when he lost to AOC in the finals, he was more open offensively for most of the season. He would work that Body lock position he used to love as a freshman, and then run to that underhook sweep single. now it seems he’s fine scrambling which outside of Yianni he’s elite in that area at 149, but if he can’t force that underhook in he kinda stalls out offensively.
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t one of the former PSU guys open an MMA gym in state college? and wasn’t that RBY’s future choice? Just think it works for him to get some money, train some MMA and wrestle one more year.
  11. So I’m getting the sense the original post made on behalf of Isaiah Wong, was a too public broadcast of “pay to play” and somebody told him something along the lines of: ”Look dummy that is illegal for even NIL it’s more of Pay to play, that’s the thing about NIL you can’t openly tell schools “get me X amount of money or I’m out” you have to have convos with non-school boosters who can say “we make deals with athletes of your stature for X amount” Whoever told Wong to make a public statement like that is an idiot. So now he is staying at Miami and saying it wasn’t him because he found one of the few illegal things to do in NIL LMAO
  12. It just shows you the weight class not their actual weight on Track. But last confirmed mention of his weight was around 235, but that was a few months ago.
  13. I agree right now Mendez is small for 141 but Bouzakis is pretty stout at 133, I think eventually Mendez is gonna have to put the muscle on to wrestle 141. with the skill set of both guys and Feldman, it would be great to get all 3 on the mat ASAP and when it makes sense
  14. I’ve seen other people post about Gonzalez wrestling 133 next year and redshirt Bouzakis and Mendez both. well Bouzakis just crushed a guy who beat Gonzalez 3-2 in an open this year. Granted it was freestyle but is wasn’t a fluke. The trio of Bouzakis, Mendez and Feldman all looked great this weekend at the us open, love that Mendez wrestled in the senior division and had some good wins
  15. It’s an accusation that Spencer Lee’s dad Larry Lee was calling the Willits family and Austin O’Connor to “talk about their ACLs” but trying to sway the kids into the portal and to Iowa City. Mineo posted screenshots of an exchange between him and Larry Lee. Larry has publicly denied it.
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