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  1. I cannot say exactly how the 9.9 is split up, but I think you are pretty accurate in there being a a lot of work in the financial aid dept. In the last few years some of the team have gotten different cost towards school. Such as - books paid for. Or a % of tuition, 25%, 50% and probably someone like kot winning receives 100%. There are also different scholarships that wouldn’t count towards the 9.9. Some get minority scholarships that are equal, if not more, to what the athletic one would be. The SEC program caps at 3k (or just under) per semester. But I know some were around a 2.2 gpa and received about 1200$
  2. I still will be surprised (although it would be a pleasant one) if Brown returns. But I do agree with Shepard or Seltzer getting some opportunities. I believe the current plan is still for Edmond to rs this season. It was mentioned last year and seems to be still on track.
  3. JK made a few comments last season he was done competing. I think it was a wait and see if he meant it. I guess he did. He is still in the room working and participating team member.
  4. I don’t think either are competing next season. Schmitt was honored at the end of last season for his contributions to the program. I thought Brown was done, but if he were to come back, I would think Crawford and him would be the top 2 right now.
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