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  1. They haven’t won enough to correct people about their name. They are still Cal Bap.
  2. I loved watching him wrestle. Truly gritty. Hope he does well. California native coaching in California. He should be able to recruit
  3. Terrible tragedy out of Kansas this week: https://www.kktv.com/2022/07/06/teen-wrestler-dies-apparent-heatstroke-during-workout-school-says/?outputType=amp Wearing sweatsuit in summer to cut. There is some blame to go around here.
  4. Cael will continue to dominate until he retires. If you want to win a title, it’s the place to be.
  5. Most assistant coaches have head coaching aspirations. Its hard to find a long term assistant at the D1 level.
  6. Mudflap was a legend.
  7. if he is trying to shine light on a bigger issue, perhaps working with his compliance department at his college is more appropriate than trolling a high school kid that borelli wasn't even recruiting. As a parent, I would NEVER want to send my athlete to a petty twitter warrior like that. Shows major character flaws. Bad for the sport and bad for his own brand, but he thinks it is good?
  8. I'd like to put this one to bed. Jimmy "Legs" Lawson had no impact at PSU or on the college wrestling scene. Carry on. I know we've all been wondering.
  9. Sad and true. I was a flo defender for a long time, but they are messing up a wet dream.
  10. I love when you talk nerdy to me
  11. Dan Gable? I bet he'd be beating Cael and company within 1 year.
  12. When is someone at Flo going to grow a brain and go ask Cael (and the other people allegedly paying posters) about Tommy Big Hat's accusations?
  13. One of my favorite coaches to heckle, Zeke never disappoints. I'd say he is angling for future calls, but in reality I think he is really paranoid and thinks the world is against him. Some call this little man syndrome.
  14. so he has no reason to bring this up on twitter other than to stir the pot? isn't there a more appropriate place to do this? isn't doing this on twitter a way to cause drama? seems like its intentionally drama creation. no?
  15. Borelli never had a shot at this recruit. Why is he getting involved? Seems like a teenage drama. Is he coaching college now?
  16. Will Trey Keeley apologize for throwing shade when Minnow was right again?
  17. If you were a college athlete who had interested fans, I bet you could. Just like influencers on youtube and whatnot. My wife told me about some lady in our neighborhood who makes a good living setting up model home photos at her house and then linking all the items in the photos to affiliate marketing sites. She promotes this crap on instagram and the other brain rotting social media sites. She gets a ton of views and will retire a lot sooner than I will.
  18. Big loss, but its hard to keep talented senior level guys in a room outside of the big 10 and handful of other programs. He needs training partners. If you are raising $ for a staff, you need to fund 10 positions, not one. The bar for top level training situations is too high for one offs to be very successful.
  19. I am suggesting this is a free to use site and those of you who are getting crypto from Cael for posting mean things about Tommy Big Hat Brands deserve whatever our overlords throw at you. I do think you are on to something with the PGA analogy, but only if you are comparing USA wrestling. They both have good products that are marketed terribly.
  20. Probably in the 10's of thousands if they signed 15 guys. But it means they have a good chance to make the WWE roster at some point.
  21. Football is the king of college sport. This is indisputable. Timing is everything and with Luke Fickell as the head football coach at Cincy, now is the time. I bet he would have no issue supporting the creation of a program with the athletic department. https://gobearcats.com/news/2017/6/9/football-koch-fickells-wrestling-career-still-drives-him-today 106-0 3 time champ in Ohio from sophomore through senior year. I think he won 2 junior titles in fargo as well.
  22. The forum always works for me. Sounds like you might be getting IP banned or shadow banned for some reason. Perhaps they know that you are a paid hater?
  23. This is good for wrestling. I love seeing our freak athletes get paid. WWE has an average salary of 500K and you can do it for 20+ years. It opens a lot of doors to other financial opportunities as well.
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