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  1. 8 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    You are probably the only one that’s taking him over Cenzo …he didn’t beat the ncaa champ version of Tsirtis , he beat him the year he took 7th and wasn’t the full time starter until conferences, he beat a freshman David carr in beginning of his first freshman year …and he didn’t crush him either …his gas tank or Covid didn’t cause him to get pinned 17 seconds into the 2nd period by the kid from rider and Covid cancellation screwed Cenzo way more than Deakin , Cenzo lost his senior year and a great chance to be a 3xer…Deakin literally got his title  in his free 6th Covid year …

    .no doubt Deakin is an elite wrestler but they aren’t the same level 

    Cenzos  hit list includes Imar 2x, 3 AA Massa 4x, ncaa finalist issac Jordan , 4x AA Darren McFadden , 4x AA Daniel Lewis , 3x AA Wick, ncaa champ Shane Griffith , ncaa finalist Jesse Dellavecchia, Alex Marinelli 2x, Isaiah white 3x, 2AA josh shields 3x, 2x AA Chad Walsh , 2x AA chance Marsteller , AA Bryce Steiert and has freestyle wins over ncaa champ Mehki Lewis and 3x ncaa champ Ringer who was ranked in the world at the time , you’d have a tough time finding guys with a better resume 

    Hi Mr. Joseph 

  2. 29 minutes ago, Le duke said:

    I feel like the Army assistant job is kind of a revolving door that helps guys get their feet wet but they don't seem to stick around for very long. 

    Most assistant coaches have head coaching aspirations. Its hard to find a long term assistant at the D1 level. 

  3. if he is trying to shine light on a bigger issue, perhaps working with his compliance department at his college is more appropriate than trolling a high school kid that borelli wasn't even recruiting. As a parent, I would NEVER want to send my athlete to a petty twitter warrior like that. Shows major character flaws. Bad for the sport and bad for his own brand, but he thinks it is good? 

  4. 3 hours ago, Idaho said:

    If you read the post you quoted, he was hired at America last year.... if you read previous posts I said it was not someone he was recruiting...if you read other posts it's good that coaches call this out regardless of whether they are recruiting the kid or not. It's not teenage drama,  It's called accountability,  which every sport needs. BTW how's the recruiting for the Heels? 

    so he has no reason to bring this up on twitter other than to stir the pot? isn't there a more appropriate place to do this? isn't doing this on twitter a way to cause drama? seems like its intentionally drama creation. no?

  5. On 6/13/2022 at 11:27 AM, Idaho said:

    Exactly.... Stanford announced the cut of 11 sports on July 8 2020.... Borelli was hired at America on April 13, 2021.... Stanford announced the reversal of cut sports on May 18.  He spent an entire season trying to get Stanford wrestling back - in the end he was successful... and you are correct, when you have opportunities come your way that feed your family , you take them. 

    Borelli never had a shot at this recruit. Why is he getting involved? Seems like a teenage drama. Is he coaching college now? 

  6. If you were a college athlete who had interested fans, I bet you could. Just like influencers on youtube and whatnot. My wife told me about some lady in our neighborhood who makes a good living setting up model home photos at her house and then linking all the items in the photos to affiliate marketing sites. She promotes this crap on instagram and the other brain rotting social media sites. She gets a ton of views and will retire a lot sooner than I will. 

  7. Big loss, but its hard to keep talented senior level guys in a room outside of the big 10 and handful of other programs. He needs training partners. If you are raising $ for a staff, you need to fund 10 positions, not one. The bar for top level training situations is too high for one offs to be very successful. 

  8. I am suggesting this is a free to use site and those of you who are getting crypto from Cael for posting mean things about Tommy Big Hat Brands deserve whatever our overlords throw at you. I do think you are on to something with the PGA analogy, but only if you are comparing USA wrestling. They both have good products that are marketed terribly. 

  9. Football is the king of college sport. This is indisputable. Timing is everything and with Luke Fickell as the head football coach at Cincy, now is the time. I bet he would have no issue supporting the creation of a program with the athletic department. 




    106-0 3 time champ in Ohio from sophomore through senior year. I think he won 2 junior titles in fargo as well.  

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