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  1. I heard Borelli turned in a fellow D1 coach for coaching his own son at a high school event, and then bragged about it. He is irrelevant and this just looks like sour grapes to me.
  2. Reading comprehension is your friend. I didn't call you drunk. I asked if you were drunk. Huge difference. Don't be intellectually dishonest. Its unbecoming.
  3. So you finally admit you want to see criminal charges? Thank for growing an ethical barometer during this debate. Its good to know that Mike and myself were able to help you see the flaw in your original position.
  4. So, you are boldly calling for a civil trial, but you don't want criminal proceedings. Just like I said. Are you drunk already?
  5. Dman is trolling, and not even very well. Don't feed him. MSU actually believes what he is writing.
  6. It was when he wrote: "I actually ENDORSED a civil one and I simply said we don't have all the info necessary to say a criminal one should happen" why don't you go for a jog or do some pushups? you have some work to do.
  7. You are boldly calling for civil proceedings. But you don't want criminal proceedings. Do you understand how a logical person could see your position as hypocritical?
  8. How on earth did Nassar get away with it for so long? What about the pervert usa wrestling doctor? What about the Penn State football coach? What about Boys Town? There are countless examples. Not sure you want this to be the hill you argue on. So if you had a kid who died during conditioning punishment practice, you wouldn't want criminal charges filed - got it.
  9. “Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.” ― Edward Abbey
  10. Who is this "we" you are referring to? Were you appointed as the speaker in some kind of formal process or is this just a self appointed pretend position? I am glad you pointed out to us that "we" don't have the necessary info to convict. I should just point out, to be completely clear, that this is a forum and we also lack the legal authority to hold any kind of kangaroo court here, so we have no power to convict. So you are willing to admit the people in power did something wrong but you are unwilling to want to see a trial here. Let's not use a prosecutor not bringing charges as any kind of proof. Small town legal shenanigans happen all the time. Perhaps in the thriving metropolis of Williamsburg, KY (population of 5200), the prosecutor knows the board members or the athletic director or whoever. There are a ton of reasons that charges don't get brought, and well-connected people tend to get the benefit of this cronyism more often than not. If you died during practice, after complaining, after showing signs of extreme fatigue and begging for water, would you want the prosecutor to look the other way? If your child died under the watch of two coaches, would you be okay with a "hey, it happens" response? Snap out of it, edgelord. You are arguing an indefensible position.
  11. If Surriano killed a kid at practice, I would agree with his negative reputation from those who never met him. Get back to me when that happens.
  12. I think his "difficult" reputation comes from jealous weirdos on message boards who gossip about college kids like they know them.
  13. at least they aren't picking up trash for handouts
  14. any coach who doesn't do the fundraising themself is a lazy loser. Koll does his own fundraising, last I checked. And he does it pretty damn well.
  15. no clear evidence of criminal wrongdoing? how many kids have died under your watch, coach? if its more than 0, you aren't doing it right. disgusting that some are defending this. the kid who died protested, they threatened to kick him off the team, mess w his scholarship money and who knows what kind of verbal abuse he sustained. defending this s heinous. clearly criminal. the wrestler who died, Grant Brace, was 5ft 8 inch tall heavyweight. what kind of sick **** would torture a kid like this, and shame on all of you who are defending this. I am disgusted.
  16. disgusting. like I have said previously, any coaches using athletes to fundraise is just a loser of a coach. stone cold loser.
  17. the coaches were in charge. they administered the workout. the kid was forced to workout more, until he died, after his protests. pretty clearly criminal.
  18. Are the coaches still at the school? Is the Athletic Director still at the school? If you kill a kid, you should be fired and have involuntary manslaughter charges against you. Anyone defending this as typical wrestling dehydration stuff needs to admit they are psychopaths.
  19. are you really hating on a former wrestler who is going pretty well at his craft? lame.
  20. TheHeel


    Are we talking basic ducks? Are we talking Oregon Ducks? Are we talking Super Ducks? Are we talking Butt Ducks? Are we talking Darkwing Duck? Need a little context. TY
  21. they will both end up in a D1 starting lineup next year. This is a great example of how to get NIL money.
  22. Mike, why don't you use your dev skills and make a wrestling only betting site?
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