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  1. Lets get back on topic - who do you think MSU can get to replace Chandler? He has to go my man.
  2. The paranoia is what I expect from Tommy B. Paid haters, from PSU, tOSU, Michigan and Okie State? Why is Iowa the victim here and not the other programs? Hint - they aren't. Tommy is paranoid and sounds to me like he is getting some bad advice from someone he trusts. Can someone in the hawkeye cult get Tommy a hat that fits? Someone in that program needs to be fired - you can't have the head coach going out in a hat that is 5 sizes too big. If he is trying to look insane, hes got it dialed in.
  3. +6 points. 2 points for the takedown, 4 for near fall.
  4. Stop trying to control people's thought. Very bizarre reaction. Go get your 5th booster and pipe down.
  5. But it does. Thats the thing. You are just being silly.
  6. The textbook definition for you: Jour·nal·ist /ˈjərn(ə)ləst/ noun a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast. Any reasonable person can see you are incorrect. You are creating arbitrary requirements which hold no weight. I expect you to do better. You are being intellectually lazy.
  7. What do you consider "real journalism" Danno?
  8. These are very interesting. Nice to see some solid attendance at smaller programs. Do you happen to have the viewership numbers for televised duals and flo wrestling/track data for views on these events too?
  9. if that was the case I doubt they would have hired him for a role in the athletic department. does anyone have a timeline on the hiring process? does anyone have a short list of candidates?
  10. TheHeel


    your friend is probably one of those old guard dorks who warned everyone off of crypto while others were making a windfall. he doesn't want it to win because it will further confirm his mistakes. Crypto will set the world free. If you think its just about BTC and other coins, you are missing the bigger picture, and no, i don't have the time or energy to explain it.
  11. TheHeel


    https://a16z.com/2021/06/24/crypto-fund-iii/ 2.2 billion fund for crypto https://www.ft.com/content/6bf0ed56-1de5-4750-877f-c9cff753935c another 4.5 billion fund for crypto within 6 months of their last fund. Who should I trust? The top VC in the world or GreatWhiteNorth.
  12. TheHeel


    Nonsense assets? I get it. Someone hurt you. Show us on the doll where the bitcoin touched you, Dan. You sound like a bitter pill, mad you missed out on really easy money. It must burn you up to no end that people are retiring off of the nonsense asset wealth. Bitcoin is dipping. Thats all good. If you had any brains (you don't), you'd buy on the dip. Crypto has a higher market cap than silver and will overtake gold by 2025. Times are changing my friend. You know how many financial advisors used to say the same thing about crypto being nonsense? They are all selling crypto and defi funds to their clients now.
  13. TheHeel


    I get it - I missed the joke. My mistake is understandable though, as Ben gets a ton of undue hate from the wrestling world. He is our troll. We have to embrace him.
  14. TheHeel


    How many former 2 time hodge winner/olympians are coaching at regionals? hint: not a lot. Instead of being glad and welcoming, we have douches like this, calling one of the greats of our sport a hobo. Pretty weak. You seem to be a jealous man. Taking joy in your perceived financial downturn for someone else is pathetic.
  15. times sure have changed then. thanks for educating me brother. always good to learn.
  16. their team is old. always has been. good to know they aren't having post grads like they used to.
  17. and they are a year or two older than most high school kids. super seniors.
  18. Gotta throw Cade Olivas into the mix. Former teammate of Aaron Pico and the Valencias. State champ as a freshman. #1 youth wrestler in the country as an 8th grader. Committed to ASU as a freshman. He had to retire due to concussions. He'd have been a lot of fun to watch.
  19. Lunatic Fringe...I know you're out there.
  20. He used to wrestle a kid from my club in the finals at every national tournament. He always competed well and carried himself with tremendous class. The most successful guys on my college team were the ones who never got hurt. I think luck is a HUGE factor in the career people have. It blows my mind, however, that the top guys rarely seem to have catastrophic injuries. Perhaps it is positional management that prevents them from injury exposure, or perhaps, in the words of Brock Lesnar, they have a horse shoe up their butt (they are lucky).
  21. Not sure it would be a cost. Could be profitable. More hotels, more concessions, more tickets sold and more media rights.
  22. I know the collegiate open is a thing, but maybe we should have an NIT tournament the week before NCAAs. Postseason wrestling is awesome and all the dudes at D1 have some legit skill. Might as well put it on display.
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