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  1. you are saying that the top teams would decimate the lesser programs if we let all the schools take 2 per weight. that means you want weaker competition, no?
  2. would you be in favor of any sized field expansion? some states let you take 2 extra guys at whatever weight works for your team.
  3. that kid was around forever. when you start at 5, you have a good chance of burning out if you aren't managed appropriately.
  4. wait a second, so you are actually advocating for a weaker tournament, and for lesser quality wrestler to take the place of better wrestlers? participation trophy-ish mentality. let the best kids compete.
  5. I think Koll is a bit more than an administrator lol
  6. You don't need to eliminate smaller teams if you expand the field to 64. You just double the number of qualifiers from each conference. The conferences are set up in a way that keeps the lower tier D1 programs in the tournament.
  7. at least they are getting some of the top guys to stay home.
  8. AZ is getting better as a high school state. ASU getting better can only help.
  9. where are the top 5 kids from oregon going this year? what about washington?
  10. I am going to point out that washington and oregon's top guys don't go to oregon state. they never have. never will. this isn't a great recruiting class. its middle of the pack. I don't want to talk about my teams recruiting class. I don't care until a kid is on campus and in the lineup. Too much happens between commitment and stepping on the mat as a starter to care about recruiting. I'd rather have a team of place winners from Ohio and PA than a team of champs from Oregon and WA
  11. No, I do not think a high level wrestler would benefit a judo club. The arts are completely different. Judo has a gi, which changes EVERYTHING. no low singles and tilts in judo. Jimmy is great, but he is NOT fit to coach college wrestling at this point in his life. He is very far removed from the sport.
  12. good point. usaw and uww better get to adding a few weights for the fat ladies and others who want to wrestle womens.
  13. Now I see it. You are correct. I didn't see this before I posted.
  14. This would be good for the sport. I've been wanting to see it for a long time. Only 1 wrestler per team per weight can score team points. Sometimes they want you to decide on who your point scorer is beforehand, but I think it should be whoever scores more points. Limit it to 2 per weight per school, and let people take 2 guys per weight to the qualifier. Expand the NCAA tournament to 64 and then we'd be talking.
  15. for head Judo coach? because that is the only way it makes any sense. does anyone have a link to the job posting? is the position still open? if not, does anyone have any idea as to the timeline?
  16. Isn't replying to someone who is replying to my comment the same thing? Weird, but true!
  17. nobody had mentioned him prior to my comment.
  18. Odd number of weights is the way to go. There is no reason not to have more weight classes. More opportunities for the sport is good for everyone.
  19. I am guessing JP is a former 157 pounder. 2pointTakedown sounds like hes not too worried about it, so I would guess he was at least a 184. What weight do you propose they wrestle at? I need specifics. An action plan. And don't be using any of those big words with me either.
  20. Isn't that how society works now? The needs of the loudest few outweigh the needs of the majority? I wouldn't mind seeing 122, 129, 136, 142, 149, 157, 165, 174, 184, 205, 285. Might be a good way to grow the sport. Add a weight.
  21. Folkstyle awards points for making your opponent do something they don't want to do - getting a takedown, riding someone, turning someone - they are all actions that the opponent is trying to prevent from happening. When someone gets tilted, they are being taken to their back, against their will. Many holds that result in near fall will not turn into a pin. Tilts are no different. If you don't want to see so many tilts, develop some defense like the coach showed in Vision Quest. Worked just fine against Columbia High.
  22. They can't punish people retroactively. The NCAA is doing their best to lose their place in sports.
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