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  1. A lightweight named Little? I'm going to leave that one alone.
  2. I don't care what they say about you, you are a gift. Don't change.
  3. I didn't know that. very interesting. makes them dropping the sport even more infuriating.
  4. Some guys wrestle out the backside of the world team trials. I respect that. Injury defaults at the open level do not bother me nearly as much as what goes on at the college level for seeding purposes.
  5. Don't be a victim by pointing out the obvious hiring process trends in college sports? Weird post buddy.
  6. he was fired but given a job in the athletic department? bad take, dan. even for you.
  7. I haven't heard a single minority candidate name so far. Pay attention, team TheMatForum.
  8. It was a very poorly written article. Buried in the mediocre writing was this: "We appreciate his dedication to Brown Wrestling and look forward to seeing him in a new role." "I want to thank Grace Calhoun for this wonderful opportunity to pursue this next chapter in my career," Grace is the AD at Brown, so he is thanking her for an athletic department gig, is my take. Again, terrible writing.
  9. you should have read the article before posting. the program is fully endowed and the coach is taking a job in the athletic department.
  10. are you crazy? nobody goes to the open to watch.
  11. There is no benefit to wrestling those matches. The goal for these guys is the world team trials. What do they gain by wrestling back? If you put some cash prizes for the medalists, I bet we wouldn't see as many forfeits.
  12. Must be hard to see the world passing you by, without understanding why or how.
  13. Interesting development from the NCAA: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ncaa-aims-to-crack-down-on-boosters-disguising-pay-for-play-as-name-image-and-likeness-payments/
  14. You are wrong. Any team with a rich booster can now be competitive. It makes it more wide open, if anything, should someone be so inclined. You can basically buy a title. Try reading carefully.
  15. Your point is valid, although a lot of the donors are the silver hair type and probably won't want to muck around with NIL stuff. However, in the case of the donor in Miami, he will probably be giving less to the university because he is funding 3 million a year in NIL deals. But, for some people, 3 million is just a rounding error.
  16. Value is a subjective term. If a donor owns a business and decides to take a risk on a spokesperson for 25K a year, that is on the business owner to define the deliverables and value (if they want any). Like I said previously - this is just bringing the dirty games of the past out into the light.
  17. Cormier put in 2 years and 3 months of bum fights before he made it to the UFC. He had 7 fights prior to making it to the big leagues. I'd guess Nickal would have the same timeframe.
  18. I own a business. I have a LOT more available cash in my business than I do in my bank account. I am not in a position to donate 25K a year, but my company is in a position to hire a spokesperson for 25K a year. Its a direct exchange of service for cash vs. me having to pay myself 40K to earn 25K after taxes. Its cheaper for the individual and now opens up corporate sponsors in ways they couldn't imagine previously.
  19. I said "man made" not "divine"
  20. How many teams have won the NCAA wrestling championship in history? Dating back to 1928 (start of NCAA championship), there are 11 teams who have won titles. Throw out MSU with 1, ASU with 1, Cornell with 1, Ohio State with 1 and Indiana with 1. 6 teams have won 89 of the 94 NCAA team wrestling championships. Are you saying it would be less competitive than that? Hard to imagine.
  21. Another possibility is that businesses (not individuals) are now able to contribute in ways they previously couldn't, which would mean more $ overall, not less.
  22. Most power 5 schools are in the 90 million revenue per year plus bucket. Why do you suggest that NIL deals will shrink that budget at all? These NIL deals are done outside of the school and won't have any significant impact on the budget of a department. How do you make the leap from a rich alumni funding an NIL deal to wrestling being cut? Its illogical. Somehow you are tying NIL deals and wrestling programs losing funding. I'd love to know where you pulled that from? What % of athletes do you think will get an NIL deal?
  23. Non revenue sports were an afterthought when the law was made. Universities were making hundreds of millions a year off of these athletes. Coaches were getting paid millions a year. Now athletes can get their fair market value as well. Its not a perfect system, but what manmade system is perfect?
  24. Great points. Great post. Ty
  25. Good point on the no-offseason part. A huge part of the game is adjusting to the ever evolving rules. Makes me really appreciate the talent of the athletes who have been successful for a long span - how many different rule variants have they had to learn to adjust to, while still finding a way to win? Pretty awesome. There is always the argument for less rules being better, but generally this argument is done from the position of wanting to make wrestling accessible to more people. I don't think wrestling will ever be "mainstream" and because of that, I don't care about simplifying rules so the non wrestlers can understand whats happening. These new rules take time to hammer out the kinks. Pushout points were rewarded a decade ago. Now they are penalized.
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