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  1. Something tells me that PSU guys aren't begging for money like this. They get 5 million a year through their RTC and they don't lower themselves and our sport by begging.
  2. Henson can go wherever he wants because of his last name. He doesn't have to do a damn thing at the open and he will still be the son of a world champ. Now I see Henson has committed to Oklahoma. Good fit.
  3. Wrestling shouldn't have to beg like this. Makes me really sad to see. Its like the team cleaning up after football games or getting paid to do work around the campus - no other sport has to do that crap. We should have some higher standards.
  4. Oh, and 100% yes, Okie State will win it all again.
  5. Winning state in Cali is nowhere near as easy as people make it out to be. 4 weeks of postseason. Lots of land mines. 950 kids per weight. There is a lot of burnout in the state because of bunch of loser parents push their kids too hard and they are done as competitors by the time they get to college so you see a lot of top kids not ever produce at the next level.
  6. that guy is a winner and Snyder is a great coach.
  7. to be fair, if mats were this big, we wouldn't have as many stoppages.
  8. I thought you meant they were going to add a few pounds to each weight. Would be a great move.
  9. I wrestled in college with the rules you mention. It didn't stop much weight cutting.
  10. There is no good solution to stop the weight cutting problem we have as a sport. We have moronic parents who cut their kids down when they are single digit in age. 7 year olds cutting weight. Its pathetic. Hydration tests are easy to cheat. The only answer is to worry about your own program and instill a no weight cutting philosophy because you can't legislate the idiocy of wrestlers away.
  11. He is a winner. Many on this thread are not.
  12. These violations occurred from 2015 - 2019. NIL deals started July 1, 2021. Do you get it now? As it happened, NIL wouldn't cover these issues as it was a coach paying for the athletes directly. In the new era, they can have a surrogate (rtc, business, alumni) pay the athlete. I know its a lot of moving parts, but please try to keep up if you are going to be spreading misinformation and insinuating that some programs are cheaters... "The current regulations -- shaped in part by antitrust concerns in the wake of a recent Supreme Court decision -- are far less restrictive. The NCAA rules only prohibit a school or its employees from paying an athlete directly for his or her NIL rights." https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/31086019/everything-need-know-ncaa-nil-debate
  13. A moving Carr? Who woulda thought!?
  14. What is it like being insanely jealous of a kid who made more by the time he was 17 than you have in any 5 year span of your life? You think the million was the only $ he got? He has sponsors, social media revenue, a bellator contract etc. I wonder what Monster energy pays him? Thats him talking about his sponsors. I bet he makes a mil a year on sponsor deals. You are a relic. The world is passing you by and instead of having an open mind and learning, you lash out at the new generation and lament about how a hyper successful MMA star on a 6 match win streak is a loser for not wrestling for free in college. LOL
  15. Katie - some people are certainly more naturally predisposed to certain physical movements and in some cases, those natural gifts make them a natural fit in a specific modern sport. Major League Baseball pitchers have, on average, hyper mobility in their joints which allows them to throw the ball much harder than someone without that gift. MLB hitters, on average, have tremendous eyesight. This is a widely understood prerequisite for being a great hitter. Hard work is the path to greatness and in the modern era, there are only a few natural gifts that can't be equaled through hard work - height, natural testosterone production and mental makeup.
  16. People wanted to sell on him after he lost to some grown men as a 20 year old. He is on fire right now. He will be a contender.
  17. Pico got 1M dollars to sign as a 17 year old. He is getting paid and will retire as a millionaire from the fight game. Those of you saying YD wouldn't be good at MMA are insane. Wrestling is a regulated fight. If you give YD more options, he will master them and use them. He is a warrior and he is a champion. DC was not a brawler. He was an okie state leg attacking big guy. Turned out okay for him. I am all for these dudes getting paid. MMA has helped wrestling in so many ways, but some old school wrestling people still see it as a blood sport. Oh well. Can't make everyone happy.
  18. At the time this was going on, it was not illegal but it was against NCAA rules. Now, it is not against NCAA rules, as long as there is at least a minimal effort to associate some transfer of value to the payments. nothing wrong with that? I don't know people's situations and I don't know what transpired in enough detail to assign my own personal brand of morality on a situation I have less than 1% of info about. I am all for wrestling getting $ into the ecosystem. I am all for wrestlers being paid for their services. I like that the NCAA has brought these deals out of the shadows. These deals had allegedly been going on for a long time and rather than risk a sports stability and rather than be in a position to perform investigations with minimal resources, the NCAA has decided its better for everyone to have a realistic set of rules that mirror what was already happening. No man-made system is free of human influence and therefore it won't be perfect. But this is the starting point and a lot of the issues we are talking about now will be solved in the coming years as we start to understand how to navigate the NIL landscape. Damn it - how did you get me to post something serious?
  19. He should 100% be on the hot seat. OU used to be a great program. They are in a hotbed for wrestling. Its embarrassing, to be totally honest.
  20. But the terms of a contract can state that the party must be a current student athlete at a school for the terms to be valid. That is just my opinion. I don't think anyone is getting NIL money without going to the school who is paying them...
  21. NIL deals are there to have a legal way to pay athletes. They aren't getting paid for not committing.
  22. private contracts are not going to be compelled to be public. ever. just sayin
  23. you are ridiculous. you know that already, though. what % of athletes do you think will get an NIL in wrestling? LOL go read a book. You have some catching up to do.
  24. So because you either don't want athletes to get paid or you don't understand how the rule works, you decide to declare it unethical? Elite programs doing suspect bs? Operating inside the rules is now suspect? NIL deals are not suspect and they are not unethical, get off of your fake high horse. This is the next era of collegiate sports. Adapt or die.
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