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  1. An RTC is a separate entity from the university, athletic department and wrestling program. They are free to pay who they want for whatever they want as much as they want. If an RTC were to sign an NIL deal with a wrestler, the RTC and the wrestler would have to agree on the terms of the deal. As NIL says (name, image, likeness), using them on a flier to market their business is 100% in bounds. Yes, this is happening. No, its not a bad thing. It is working as designed. https://nypost.com/2021/07/20/alabama-qb-is-making-ungodly-amounts-from-nil-deals/
  2. I know about some. They can be paid for having a photo on a flier.
  3. You don't know the rules. Stop acting like you do. Its dishonest.
  4. RTCs can pay guys for whatever they want and call it an NIL. This is literally the rules.
  5. The best way to stop poaching is to get your best guys NILs, because if you don't someone else will. Good for the wrestlers finally getting paid.
  6. Is it? Thanks for sharing.
  7. Rolling stones tend to roll.
  8. I didn't say it like its a bad thing at all! Not many people are qualified to coach at that level and he sure is. Henson is a stud and so is Wyatt. Even if they are from missourah...
  9. Stanford is, but the other schools you mentioned are not. Cornell is an ivy. Obviously. However, they still have the lowest cumulative ranking academically. Even in the Ivy, there are levels to the game.
  10. I bet you his daddy wants to be on staff somewhere. Look for him to land somewhere with a vacancy at lightweight coach or with a good RTC position available.
  11. NJ Dan, the Name Image Likeness deals are here and they are used to pay athletes. Read here: https://nypost.com/2021/07/20/alabama-qb-is-making-ungodly-amounts-from-nil-deals/
  12. I've got close connections there. That is all I will say. Your mentality is common amongst the MSU wrestling program and until that built in excuse crap is flushed down the toilet, MSU will never crawl out. Stop making excuses. Its wrestling.
  13. This is the mentality that holds the program back. The program of no expectations. They have 9.9 scholarships, no? They offer the chance to compete in Big 10, no? The right person would have no problem building a program in East Lansing. It just isn't Chandler.
  14. I know Simmons isn't going to get the job. However, all the other things you list are excuses and a good coach could overcome all of that.
  15. https://www.shemmassianconsulting.com/blog/ivy-league-rankings cornell is the worst ivy. thats a fact. sorry if that upsets you!
  16. Chandler is an extremely high character, nice guy. That being said, I would like to see a regime change. The word around the coaches water cooler is that he is doing a good job, but the results speak for themself. MSU has scholarships. They can do a LOT better than they have been. They need young blood in there. What is Nick Simmons doing these days?
  17. The Askren hate is absolutely hilarious. When he was wrestling in NCAAs, he was the show. Have some respect!!!
  18. Jean, you are just not in orbit of people who don't care about 100K - thats all. There are PLENTY of alumni who have made it huge who want to see their alma matter win. Joe Galli is just one of MANY people who donate absurd $$.
  19. I can tell you that this is not even close to far fetched. 100K is not that much money. ASU offered a kid 100K this past year. He turned it down though. If ASU has that kind of money, PSU has a LOT more.
  20. How does a Real Woods thread turn into another PSU thread? Exhausting!
  21. Ben had a body like a bag of milk and there were questions about how his funk would translate to the next level. Mizzou gave him a ride and brought a few of his friends along with him from Wisconsin. At least thats how I remember it.
  22. dual championships would be a feast of the rich and would probably widen the gap between the haves and have nots. could change competitive balance and make the sport even more top heavy.
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