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  1. Idaho, I was asking why you consider it a valid thought. No need to get defensive! I was just wondering if you knew more than Engel being his coach.
  2. If the winning team got 200K, would that get the participation? these things are achievable through NIL deals.
  3. Seems like you could run it 2 weeks after the individual championships, with a nice fat weight allowance. Let Flo run it and sell it, and put cash prizes down through an NIL deal and you might be on to something. I don't care if they want to do it, just don't **** with the way NCAAs is at all.
  4. More tournaments. No duals. If you don't see the difference in burden on an athletic department and its staff when you travel to a tournament vs. hosting a dual, I cannot help you.
  5. I want to cancel regular season duals, personally. I think they are a waste of time and make the sport look bad most of the time. With the exception of Iowa, PSU and a handful of other well attended duals, nobody shows up and its usually 30 parents and girlfriends sitting in a mostly empty gym.
  6. you seem to be basing your push on crowd size. why does that matter so much to you?
  7. I hate that people are trying to tinker with the sport to make it more "fan friendly". Who cares? We are wrestling. We will NEVER be mainstream. We are a niche sport. We should NOT adjust our great sport for the general public - they will NEVER care. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Nobody serious wants a dual championship to decide team champ. Its a dead issue.
  8. because engel was an assistant at stanford for a couple years? If you want to know where Real is going, ask Izzy Martinez.
  9. nobody thinks this.
  10. So, a dual championship would require 3 more weighins. It would lead to injuries. It would be at a high cost to the teams attending. If you want to see less fun tournaments during the season, then by all means push for dual championships. If you want to see a watered down NCAAs because of injuries from another national level event, by all means, go for it. I suspect the people pushing for 6-8 more matches, 3 extra weigh ins and travel didn't wrestle in college.
  11. Personally, I think we need to get rid of 125 and 133. We don't want to be the sport known for dwarf fighting. https://www.newsweek.com/russia-mma-dwarf-blogger-fight-tamaev-unethical-magomedov-abdu-rozik-1593541
  12. good point. doesn't mean I want dual championship to decide team champ. the only change I want to see is a takedown being worth 3.
  13. Nothing beats a good free continental.
  14. is this a done deal? is he leaving Stanford for sure?
  15. Tulsa Nationals is the only real nationals in Tulsa. Smash an apple and give em a big ass trophy, and we are in business!!
  16. Anyone who thinks PSU wouldn't win the dual championship is a moron. Wrestling is an individual sport and our success is measured on how we do at tournaments. I, for one, think duals are a waste of resources and weigh ins.
  17. cauliflower ear is cool. don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. if you wanna be tough, your ears better be rough.
  18. Don't forget the transfer portal being a huge thing now. Teams won't look the same in November next year as they look today. Iowa has benefited in the past, as have many others. There are always guys looking to upgrade their situation. The other thing to think about is NIL. People are getting paid to wrestle. This is a fact. As a wise man once said, money talks. PSU won't walk away with it again next year. Thats my 2 cents.
  19. people are hilarious. in the 1990s, we passed around a video of Iowa vs. Iowa State like it was gold. Now, we have access to all the wrestling in the world, in real time, but people still find a way to complain. get some perspective, bro!!
  20. TheHeel


    If he transferred to Stanford, would they be a top 3 program next year? They have 3 returning AA, and a few recruits that can be AA guys right away. Add a champ and you have to think they'd be in the hunt for a team trophy.
  21. I think the refs got it right with Dean. Thats fine - we can disagree. I do agree with you that the people doing the reviews seem to have a hard time following through with the right calls sometimes. I'd like to see a faster, more transparent process.
  22. more than fair results? you are an odd duck!!
  23. Why? You want bad officiating to be the difference in close situations? I don't.
  24. he got 2 when he hooked the guys foot and controlled his hips. clear 2 points. don't be a homer. or an anti fan, as the case is here.
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