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  1. this annoys me to no end. St. John's started "We are St. John's" back in the Chris Mullen days of the mid to late 1980's. get your own saying.
  2. suriano rby lee yianni deakin griffith starocci brooks dean steveson
  3. my bad. didn't mean to create some unintended confusion. anyone know what time the matches start?
  4. if you are implying that wrestling is, your definition differs from mine.
  5. i believe track and field, swimming, and gymnastics all do it the same as wrestling. cannot even think of another individual/team sport. i wonder what tennis and golf does.
  6. can someone provide a tldr of the pros and cons? i'm uninformed.
  7. not gonna lie. jimmy c. makes me miss Longislandmarty. now there was a unit..
  8. i get that tbar...but the rule says a total of 1.5 points for the TF. am i being too literal? anyway, long time follower glad to be here and maybe join in this thread!
  9. can someone help me on team scoring....specifically with bonus points. i thought for each win in championship side was 1 point for the win, and then an extra 2 for a pin for a total of 3, and extra 1.5 for a technical for a total of 2.5, and an extra 1 for a major decision for a total of 2. what i don't understand is: 4.4.3 Additional Points. Two additional points shall be scored for each match won by fall, default, forfeit or disqualification throughout the tournament. A total of 1½ points shall be awarded for each match won by a technical fall if the winning wrestler was awarded a near fall during the match. One point shall be awarded for each match won by a major decision or technical fall if the winning wrestler failed to score a near fall during the match. .......where they say a total of 1.5 ponts shall be awarded for a TF. is it a total of 1.5 points...or is it an extra 1.5 points on top of the 1 advancement point.
  10. is there a link to "live" brackets anywhere? i have no way to watch, but i would like to follow at least as much as a continually updated bracket.
  11. dake still doesn't get love from some. i recall sitting in the pepsi arena in albany 4 straight years and noone thought dake could beat ian paddock. and then of course the david taylor matchups. the dude is money, and i'm glad i got the chance to see him wrestle in high school.
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