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  1. Hilarious. But hey, I'm just spitballing, man. You are welcome to suggest your own solutions. If you read my earlier comments I am in agreement that we are SOL with the NCAA fixing things. NIL is broken system implemented atop a bigger broken system (but NCAA funding is not the issue) but it is what it is so what we gonna push for?
  2. When was the last time he NCAA "monitored" and enforced football and basketball relative to the money and allegations being thrown around?
  3. Doesn't work that way. Think tent poles. Licensing revenue from football for example doesn't go back into supporting only football, and cross country is not unmonitored just because the NCAA does not make money from it.
  4. The NCAA has the revenue and infrastructure to do this but they're afraid of the conferences and big schools, so they won't.
  5. Another not so hot take: the NCAA takes a % of all NIL deals off the top, puts it into a fund then at the end of the year they disburse it to schools to allocate as extra scholarship spots or operations revenue. Eligible only to programs with zero athletes receiving NIL dollars. This is athletic parity, not socialism.
  6. JO? Too old? No idea what he is up to these days.
  7. Thanks for that. It's hard to imagine someone winning a world medal, let alone making the US world team without going all in on it. But Nico may be competing for love of the sport and a fire still burning in his belly, so I cant hate on that.
  8. What if NIL money was tied to graduation from the school he enrolled at? Put the money in escrow and disburse it in a lump sum only upon getting a degree from that university, otherwise it is forfeited. This applies to graduate transfers too, no competing for one extra year and then dropping out. You can have processes for wrestlers in financial need to draw from a portion of the NIL money each month like a debit card up to a cap, but he would have to repay the money taken out if he transfers or drops out. This won't solve the issue, a deep pocketed group at another school could always offer a buyout and get a wrestler to transfer, but the idea is to make poaching and pay to play transfers very unattractive. Of course, it would require schools or conferences to take a heavier administrative role so good luck with that.
  9. The top 3 from NCAA's quality for FS and top 5 from Div I and top 3 from the other college divisions qualify for Greco. Could be an exciting field if a lot of college wrestlers take advantage of this new rule. https://usaw-public.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/forms/2022_MFS_World_Team_Trials.pdf https://usaw-public.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/forms/2022_GR_World_Team_Trials.pdf
  10. I can't remember if I've seen Megaludis recently. Has he filled out into a legit 61 kg guy, or just not interested in cutting? I think he might be small for the weight.
  11. This could result in harsh sanctions on the offending programs... in 2029. The NCAA doesn't exactly have a rep for speedy investigations.
  12. I agree with all of this. NIL is the wild west right now. It is surprising that schools don't exercise administrative control (they can accomplish this legislatively at the state level) since athlete NIL's could conflict with the school's own brand sponsorships or put them at risk.
  13. TFW a GOAT HS'er is offered BTS a NIL in BTC and NSFW NFT's via DM FTW then OMG gets FUBAR AF injury at NCAA's, MFF's and is 2BBQ LMAO WTF SMDH .
  14. "Easiest Ivy to get into, but the hardest to graduate from."
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