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  1. I probably deserve some consideration. I was a ball-in-cup 3 time state champion, plus nobody beat my high score on Defender (12,555,580).
  2. Yeah, but Chute stacked him in the semifinals.
  3. (sigh)..Pistol Pete. A drunken sheriff's deputy that is used as a school mascot by no less than THREE NCAA programs: Okie State, NM State, and Wyoming. All schools known for their (cough) excellent academics. https://www.oklahoman.com/story/sports/college/2021/08/24/pistol-pete-osu-mascot-colllege-ranked-worst-creepy-offensive-oklahoma-state-cowboys/5579121001/
  4. Gable. I saw Gable toss a chair at a wrestling dual back in the 80's :D
  5. I'm not his biggest fan, that's for sure. I don't actively dislike him though, I enjoy his mentally-deranged interviews.
  6. Hell yeah. Bobby Knight had, what, 2 NCAA titles in 40 years? No comparison, Cael is a vastly superior coach.
  7. Oh yeah, my bad, thanks. It was Jimmy. You'd think I'd be able to keep the names straight after 40 years. Alright, it may not have been technically against the rules, but again, I think it stunk how Tom gutted VT. Here's the answers to your questions: Yes, yes, and yes. That said I still consider what Tom Brands did to be unethical, if not against the rules. How would Brands have stopped them? By telling them he wasn't going to give them schollies to come to Iowa. That would've been a ****ty thing to do, admittedly, but it would've been the only way to ensure that Tom didn't screw over VT. Oh well, water under the bridge I guess.
  8. I guess I'm way out of the loop. I didn't know about any of those things.
  9. What I'm saying is that Tom Brands was working for VT, and he recruited those guys to VT and took them with him when he went to Iowa. That seems pretty unethical to me, and rather dishonest to the employer (VT) he was working for. It's like working in a car factory and on the day you take the job at Chevrolet you say "I'm going to be taking these 5 engines with me" when the engines are actually owned by Ford. That's probably a terrible analogy. Sure, the boys liked Brands and wanted to wrestle for him, but they are just kids and Tom was the adult. Anyway, in reality he was recruiting for Iowa while getting paid by VT (even if he didn't realize it at the time), and I still don't like it. You could say that Tom wasn't expecting to get the job at Iowa, but Lenny was on the way out and everybody knew it. Who else were they going after but Tom? The whole thing still stinks to high heaven in my nostrils. I realize Iowa fans will argue to high heaven for Brands, and that's fine, he managed to squeeze out of couple titles from that extra large "recruiting class", but not everybody here (as you know) was thrilled about the VT debacle.
  10. Well, North Tulsa is gang territory, so it's best avoided. There are nice spots in North Tulsa, btw, it's not all no-man's land. I linked a crime map of Tulsa below, hopefully it can guide you. https://crimegrade.org/violent-crime-tulsa-ok-metro/
  11. What baggage? Didn't Z do a pretty good job up there considering what he had to work with?
  12. Askren should try to shut his fly-catching, ever-open mouth first! You know who he keeps his mouth shut for? Jorge Masvidal.
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