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  1. I wasn’t trying to name everyone in the state of Indiana who decided to wrestle in another state. Wtf.
  2. His brother Alex. Last I heard Jason went up to northern or central Indiana to coach at a wrestling academy.
  3. I was going to but didn’t want to throw almost every big ten school on there. But it’s true. chad red to Nebraska, Jason Tsirtsis to north western, Andrew Howe to Wisconsin, Leroy Vega to Minessota, Alex Tsirtsis to to Iowa, Nick Lee to Penn State, Mason Parris and Stevan Micic to Michigan, Reece Humphrey and Jesse Mendez to Ohio State. That’s just the top of my head. Escabedo is about the only elite guy that I can think of that stayed In state.
  4. I agree with you about Purdue. I was hoping that Jason Tsirtis would be able to help at IU but decided to leave after a year.
  5. We’ve got a few guys at IU and PU who could AA, but our elite guys don’t stay in state. I wouldn’t either. If I have PSU, MICH, OSU, or Iowa knocking at my door Im putting them at the top of my list.
  6. Unfortunately Indiana hardly ever manages to keep their elite wrestlers in state.
  7. Nothing about it on the Indiana Wrestling forum. But I’m on there every day so I’ll keep my eye out.
  8. I can see why’d they struggle to fund scholarships………
  9. I'm biased because I'm from Indiana and followed his high school career. I think without the deaths he wins multiple. But regardless, I'm happy he was able to overcome the tragedy and be successful.
  10. Jason Tsirtsis. Won it as a redshirt freshman. Then personal tragedy really messed with him and he was never the same.
  11. At least on this board, Kyle Snyder. People talk like he isn't a 3 time ncaa, Olympic, and world champ.
  12. That's a top-quality mullet. I expect that thing waving in all its glory at northwestern events.
  13. Oh agreed. I am all for it. I hope they vote to move up to D1.
  14. That's true and I hope so. It will be fun to have a D1 school in town. That's for sure.
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