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  1. He's in the portal with no contact, so it's not comforting for you. But it's done and dusted. Hit rinse and repeat though and maybe next rumor will be false. Here, I will make it easy: Spencer Lee is in the portal. Lol
  2. I really think the silliest team title was Iowa in 2021. It not only was silly, but it was downright detrimental to the sport of wrestling that year. Ohio States 2015 title was the same way.
  3. Woods is no contact from anyone. Officially in the portal and possibly has his mind made up, OR is thinking of reenrollment at Stanford.
  4. Let's end this. Woods vs Bartlett, 141, This coming November. Who you got? Exactly. Now calm down.
  5. Or he can train with tank, or Nick, or Zain, or Nolf, or Cenzo, or RBY, or Gilman, or....
  6. Well...no. Edsel has topped out and he was an NQ.
  7. Agreed. Don't count Michigan out. I have them a close 2nd.
  8. If Woods comes to PSU, Bartlett redshirts. Period.
  9. Joe might crack the lineup this year actually at 157. Cael will put Haines on the redshirt circuit and wait to see how he performs at the scuffle. Matt will wrestle off with Facundo and frankly don't count on an easy task there for Matt, but we will see and whoever is best will go.
  10. It's becoming more and more clear every day now...the transfer could be announced soon....will Real be touching down in Central Pennsylvania soon?
  11. I think we need to score the same, but only half the points are given if the winning wrestler is from Penn State... Sincerely, 75% of posters on "The Mat"
  12. Wonder if he moves up to hwy?
  13. Correct. I'm as big of a psu fan there is, and I am saying right now Monday is the best 165 in the room if he comes...now SOMEDAY, when Facundo is ready, then yes. But that day ain't coming in 2022/23.
  14. Facundo did not have the greatest redshirt season to be clear. Right now if they go, I think Monday is a slight favorite. Both Van Ness and Haines performed superior to Facundo. Most inside the PSU compound feel Facundo isn't actually ready yet.
  15. If he's coming to Penn State he isn't 174. That's a fact. Also, if he's coming to PSU he has to beat Facundo.
  16. If so, Bartlett then redshirt and Van Ness goes 149.
  17. I have decided to take 4 championship wrestlers off the 1997 iowa team and give them to the second place team. There, I feel better now.
  18. I'm not. I'm pointing out facts. Max Dean did not lose. Fact.
  19. "I'm not a hater but I only root for one guy on an entire team". Lmao.
  20. Except Dean didn't actually lose. At all. He won the national championship. Anything else, hater?
  21. Carr didn't say he's staying but didn't say he's leaving either.
  22. Betancourt is a career backup. Howard had 2 points as an ncaa qualifier 2 years ago before sitting out this past year after surgery.
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