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  1. Howard would major Betancourt in a wrestle off. So, no, don't pencil in Betancourt anywhere but in the room.
  2. His Twitter has nothing relating to Ohio State or his teammates.
  3. He's short at 149 and he's short at 141. Frankly I don't get all the hype either and I bleed blue and white. He doesn't shoot either.
  4. FRL. Pyles texted it to Funky.
  5. 125 Howard 133 RBY 141 Bartlett 149 Sasso 157 Haines 165 Facundo 174 Starocci 184 Brooks 197 Dean 285 Kerkvliet
  6. Rules were just fine when it was Dake riding Taylor....I don't seem to recall any uproar then, and that was 8 years ago.
  7. Penn State will be challenged by Arizona State and Ohio State. Iowa will need improvement to finish top 3 but may get it from Brands and Assad and Kennedy. I don't see a runaway, but I see a 20 point difference between the 2nd place team and PSU. This is without RBY...with him ..forget it.
  8. 5-3. Amine didn't get out, but takedowns were 1 a piece and Brooks reversed him. Anything I missed?
  9. The flip side of this, is that Amine couldn't get out from bottom. Storacci, and Lewis both escaped in 15 seconds, so did Warner and Dean. If Amine wanted to win he should have been better on bottom.
  10. Except RBY was beaten twice by DeSanto, the first time badly, and went from 8th to 2 time champion with 6 straight wins over DeSanto and 2 wins over world silver medalist Fix. Except Lee finished 5th and was pinned at Bigs, then lost to Pletcher during Covid, and had to beat Eirman after losing to him, then went on to win 2 straight national championships. Except Starocci was beaten twice his freshman year and had to beat Kem, who pounded him at Bigs, to go on and then win 2 straight championships. Except Brooks had to beat Amine, who beat him at B1Gs. Except Dean had never finished higher than 2nd and he then won a championship. I got about 40 or 50 more of these that prove Sanderson is the greatest coach in the sport...feel free to ask for more.
  11. Wow, the Willets Brothers are back for another full year of stalling and grabbing ankles.
  12. Not really. The only way he moves up is if RBY leaves and RBY is staying.
  13. Haines at 157 will be a force to be reckoned with.
  14. Was Riding time a big issue when Oklahoma State was on top 15 years ago?
  15. He lost his trigger because he was constantly going up against bigger guys...at 141 there is a decent chance that he can find it again, wrestling guys his own weight class instead of up a weight.
  16. 125 Howard 133 RBY 141 Bartlett 149 Van Ness 157 Haines 165 Carr 174 Starocci 184 Brooks 197 Dean 285 Kerkvliet
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