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  1. Geez, how did Chance not even get put on the clock there?
  2. What's the back story on this? It seems quite odd that a guy who some claim was a generational talent just decides to give it up after high school and not even attempt to take advantage of the educational opportunities his talent could unlock.
  3. Alan Fried deserves some consideration as Ohio's GOAT.
  4. I'm certainly curious to see if some of the Russian superstars take their talents elsewhere. I'd bet there are a few countries out there that would make them pretty enticing offers. Or just imagine how the forums would respond if they enrolled at PSU!
  5. The Ukraine invasion is turning into quite a protracted affair and may not be ending well anytime soon. It just got me thinking to when, if ever, we will see the likes of Sadulaev or Sidakov competing again in events that matter. I'm not opposed to Russia's exclusion from athletics under the circumstances, but it would still be a shame to have careers like that end abruptly due to politics outside of their control.
  6. I agree with those who think this current system has obvious drawbacks. It is actually quite amazing how few matches some of our top guys wrestle in any given year. As long as they medal at Worlds/Olympics, there is now little incentive for them to show up to other events. It is quite a contrast to the top guys back in the '80s and '90s. Guys seemed to have competed much more frequently back then.
  7. I'm also interested in seeing how he does, but nothing about his style leads me to think he is a serious threat on the freestyle circuit.
  8. I won't deny that Pico showed potential at times...but his actual on-the-mat results do not put him within a country mile of the Dake/Taylor level.
  9. Considering that Lee didn't tilt Suriano or Mueller or even Brandon Courtney for backs, no way is it a foregone conclusion that he is tilting RBY.
  10. Lee is a tremendous talent, but he is not unbeatable. He never has been; a point proven by the losses he has taken over the years. The fanboy-ism surrounding Lee on the HR forums is just insane. I don't think RBY beats him 100% of the time if Lee bumped to 133, but RBY wins the majority of those matches. He has the strength and speed to give Lee fits.
  11. I don't think we even need to go as far back as Cael. I think Nickal would have folded him in half. Cox would have made him look pretty foolish too.
  12. Spencer has a solid reputation as a good guy and I don't have any reason to believe it is undeserved, but that tweet doesn't reflect well on him IMO. I don't recall him throwing shade on folkstyle after his team won the title and rightfully celebrated.
  13. I don't get why Suriano would even suspect the injury time as bogus. It's not like Glory was about to give up a takedown or nearfall and cried out. It would have been a weird thing to fake since it didn't appear to have any benefit for Glory at all. Am i missing something?
  14. Getting rid of riding time is unlikely to eliminate stalling on top entirely. Some wrestlers will still likely try to slow a match down by grinding out a stall ride. I, however, am totally in favor of removing it for the sole reason that I do not believe the outcome of any match should be determined by a riding time point.
  15. Refs aren't consistent calling this type of position but I think a takedown call was justified at the 7:34 mark of the video. That looks like control to me and I don't think that a wrestler like Deprez should be able to avoid the 2 and get a stalemate just because they are reaching back and grabbing their opponent's leg. Just for comparison's sake, I think Dean had as much control over Deprez right there than Mehki Lewis had over Marinelli when he was awarded a takedown near the end of the match in the quarterfinals a few years back. Just my opinion.
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