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  1. Got a reply from USA Wrestling yesterday---they don't even have any ticketing information yet. Say they will send it out when and if they get it. They do offer a Hyatt and a Hilton hotel option.
  2. I contacted the Accommodation Manager fro the Senior World Wrestling Championships and she confirmed what the previous gentleman said-----i.e. that no tickets will be sold outside of the package deals that Belgrade is offering. USA Wrestling did not respond to any of my emails asking about ticketing.
  3. So how do you get tickets if you don't do their hotel package?
  4. Now that we know what days the wrestling is---can anybody shed some light on who is selling the tickets?? I have seen one link on the UWW site that says you have to buy a hotel through their system to be able to buy tickets to the event??
  5. UWW announced the daily schedule but didn’t mention what building/stadium it will be in! Or, anything about tickets?! Anybody have those answers would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Can anybody out there direct me to the actual daily schedule for the Worlds in Serbia Sept 10-18? I.E. What days Greco, What days Freestyle, What days Women's Freestyle? Thanks for any info!! Go USA!
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