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  1. Again I don't think I'm being clear with my comments. I meant specifically for who's making next years junior team. 4 of them will age out and Javan has a shot at seniors. Masoumi isn't beating Zare specifically next year so he'll probably be back. But yeah I think it's already a rivalry. Masoumi's only 18 he'll get his time soon enough.
  2. Also for those wondering, everyone except Elahi, Yari, Firouzpour and Azarpira is still eligible for junior worlds next year. Javan might make the senior team so we might not see him. Masoumi is not beating Zare.
  3. Oh no yeah definitely I meant for after Paris. I think it's Ghasempour vs Mohammadian for the spot in Paris and it's only slightly in favour of Ghasempour imo. Depends how good Mohammadian is at the age of 32. We almost have too much talent in the 86-97 range. Very good problem to have.
  4. But if it was a double elimination bracket though....
  5. India also had more medals than USA
  6. Completely agree on Javan. Azarpira didn't even do that well in the bm match to make up for his loss to the Turk. Firouzpour on the other hand was outstanding, he's got an insane amount of bend. One of those 2 or Hajilou will be our 97 guy moving forward. Excited to see them duke it out.
  7. Mohammad Aghaei wins bronze against European champ. If this guy doesn't gas he can go up against anyone imo. But if mesenbrink can gas him then a lot of senior wrestlers can as well so I don't expect him to do much in that level. Good thing we have a few good youngsters at this weight.
  8. Wow Jalolov just won against a very very strong Azeri. He did injure him but they looked like they're at a similar level. Maybe Amouzad 2 deserved a second chance.
  9. So much for a headliner. Well done Masoumi!
  10. Wow our coaches have resorted to keep chanting "breath!" to our wrestlers. I'm sure I'd love to constantly be told to breath in the middle of a match.
  11. Not Masoumi levels but good. Watch this years Asian juniors final. He's down 3 with a few seconds left, has the Indian in a takedown position but knows the time and does an impressive throw for 4 instead. That kind of stuff usually happens against us and not for us so it was refreshing seeing one of our guys be smart about it.
  12. I'm still on the Azarpira hype train. Not going to let one match label him over all his other excellent performances. These guys clearly did not have the right conditioning for this competition. This should be a wake up call for the coaches/federation to put more stamina work into the camps.
  13. Azarpira always uses his length to pick the guys leg from a standing position. He tried it multiple times here but couldn't get a good grip on the Turk.
  14. Can't have anything nice in Iran. Make these guys run laps they shouldn't be gassing like this. To be fair to Azarpira most matches don't last 6 minutes for him. That Turk was too quick for him.
  15. I don't think you can penalise wrestlers for real injuries. I do agree it's dumb that those guys that sit down after every whistle aren't penalised more. Each time should be a caution and they should lose after the third. They aren't going to win the match if they're gasses with two minutes to go anyway.
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