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  1. It's his choice, not the coaches. I personally think he's too small and hasn't shown any sign of increasing his mass for it but maybe a 7 kilo underweight Ghasempour is still good enough to win the spot.
  2. Just saw that USA is sending Vito Arujau at 57. That guy is really good imo. If Javan can beat him then we may have our 57 problem solved.
  3. FS team is most likely: 57) Javan 61) Habibzadeh 65) Mahmoudjanloo 70) Fazli 74) MS Firouzpour 79) Yari 86) Gholami 92) AH Firouzpour 97) Azarpira 125) Masoumi I don't believe Greco is finalized yet. I know they've said that junior gold medalists will be guaranteed a spot on the U23 team but this is a new head coach so who knows. They invited 24 wrestlers to camp, most notably Dadmarz, Mokhtari (listed at 77 thankfully) and Yousefi and most of the junior guys.
  4. Unfortunately I'm not old enough to remember which match exactly you're talking about but I believe he made that same mistake twice! Once in 2002 worlds and once more the year after in a different competition. 2002 worlds would definitely leave a sour taste in my mouth too given he was the defending champion.
  5. Wow can't believe the Bana era is officially over. Don't think this is another one of those resignation + back in 12 months, think he's gone for good now. Rangraz was a really really good wrestler. A lot of people like to give credit to Sourian/Bana for being our Greco pioneers but it was actually Rangraz. Back when the federation would only send 2-3 greco wrestlers to worlds, Rangraz was the first in a very long time to become a Greco world champion. This showed the federation that Iran can also be successful in Greco and they put in a lot more effort and money into developing the style in Iran, resulting in wrestlers like Sourian, Rezaei, Noroozi, Nematpour, Abdevali etc. Unluckily for Rangraz, he was in the same weight class as Sourian so his career was short-lived. Rangraz has held some technical positions over the years but I don't think he's ever had a coaching job so who knows how good he is. Let's hope for the best.
  6. Iranian fans do push back against the policy though, they're not silent. It's just there isn't much the fans can do. The policy is an issue that plagues all our sports and it won't change because of small push backs every so often because of a bad draw. You can't fault Iranian people for something that they don't decide. Criticising Taylor and not wrestling Israel are two totally different things.
  7. Eh but the underhook worked in Oslo and nearly worked in Tokyo though. This match has been the only anomaly of all of their close matches from previous years and the only noticeable difference this year was the lack of underhook. Clearly a change of style didn't work.
  8. He was definitely due a breakout. He was one of our most accomplished age level guys. Firouzpour and Masoumi are on the same path imo.
  9. Jeez why is he so angry? He said some good stuff though. The underhook is Hassan's style so why change it? As he says, people say that Amouzad wrestles like Hassan in which they mean he favours the "zire ketf" position, so the underhook is essentially trademarked by Hassan so why change it. I agree with it. He doesn't need to be a wrestler who shoots for the leg more or etc. Don't understand why he's so mad at team trials though lol. Nearly everyone had a fair shot of making the team. Only 3 weights didn't technically have a final trial. Lil Yaz at 70 was supposed to wrestle Yeganeh Jafari but that guy retired so Lil Yaz just got the spot. And I believe Amouzad and Emami got the spot based on Asian Championships performance which I guess maybe you can fault.
  10. Isn't Lil Yaz going to move up a weight for Paris? If he does then I'd take him over Emami. Either way still a medal threat and possibly even a Dake eliminator considering his age. Sidakov will still be a problem though. Also at 97 don't forget about Azarpira lol. I know he didn't have a great junior worlds but he's such a physical beast and I'm sure he can make himself into less of a one dimensional wrestler. It's still probably going to be the same Mohammadian V Goleij V Shabani (if he comes back) for Paris though. I really doubt Ghasempour can add anymore weight. He had 2 years, 2 more isn't going to do much. He'll have to focus on Yazdani. I'm pretty sure Atri has said that he won't go back down to 57 anymore. It's too much weight cut for him. He had 4 chances and never medalled. Doubt he even tries it.
  11. Yeah apparently he still only weighs 90 kilos. I would have have assumed that he'd be bigger after two years of 92kg but maybe he can't handle the weight.
  12. I'm not sure why you guys keep saying put this guy in this weight or get this guy out of the team. They have a trial system. They win their spot by winning trial matches. It's not like Dorostkar will say to Yazdani move up to 92 and let Ghasempour wrestle 86 because you can't win Taylor. If Ghasempour wants 86 then he has to win it of Yazdani. Same with Mohammadian and Goleij.
  13. Lol calling him Mojtaba is so funny to me. He's already got a cool and unique last name. His first name sounds like it's 40 year old uncle "Amoo Mojtaba" out there wrestling.
  14. This is really a stretch imo. It's the worlds, if you're not motivated then what are you doing? That just sounds like an excuse. I think the narrative is that Yazdani got him once in the worlds last year and still has a good chance of getting him again in the future but maybe I'm a biased Iranian.
  15. Yazdani will wrestle for what, 6 more years? Maybe more? It's too early for this stuff man
  16. This is what I was thinking too. Yazdani is best when he has his arm under your shoulder but we really didn't see it much. Can't tell if DT was neutralising it successfully or if this was just a different game plan from us that didn't work out. Either way Yaz still has plenty of Worlds ahead of him. His legacy is still to come.
  17. I meant more as in give him another shot before labeling him as unreliable but fair enough.
  18. He was not in his prime at the age of 22 lol. He probably was in his prime when he was suspended for 4 years. Yeah I remember that excuse he had for tokyo. I disagree with you guys that Mohammadian is Mr Unreliable. Just internationally speaking, what recent loss other than Tokyo has he had that qualifies him as being unreliable? Domestic matches are always harder so you can't really count those. I agree Tokyo sucked but let's at least give the poor guy another shot.
  19. I always overhype our team a lot lol. Still at least 7 medals then no? Yeah sucks no gold so far though.
  20. Is he actually undersized? Compared to who? Snyder? Every match I've seen him in he's looked the same size if now bigger.
  21. I mean we're still looking at 8 medals aren't we? That's still better than last years total (no Russia I know)
  22. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not lol
  23. I can also find 50 different screenshots where a wrestler should have been given 2 points but wasn't. You can't base it of one still image. It's likely Emami's left hand had a hold of Dake's left leg.
  24. I think Taylor might be the only wrestler in the world who figured out Yazdani's underhook.
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