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Found 2 results

  1. I'm going to do this a little differently than I have in past years. I'll list each AA and give an idea of how I see his path going. An * will be used to denote the non-finalists who were in the semifinals. At the end I'll list the Round of 12 guys I have losing, even though it will also be in the body of the posts. I'll add a ** a t the end of each post for team race implications for anybody that wasn't an AA. 125 lbs. 1. Joey Dance, Virginia Tech Joey is the 3 seed coming in.His first match over Dom Forys seems pretty clear cut. In his second round match, I have him beating a tough Josh Martinez who has just upset Josh Rodriguez in Round 1. I think Dance is comfortably into the quarters where he'll run into Thomas Gilman. I think he squeaks by Gilman after countering for a TD and Gilman unable to get his own TD. In the semi, I have him reversing the earlier result against Nahshon to make the Finals, where I have him defeating Alan Waters of Mizzou. 2. Alan Waters, Missouri I have Waters navigating the tough...waters of his draw. Jeske in Round 1 is actually a tough cookie despite the record, and then Youtsey is also tough. That said, I foresee Waters with no issues until the quarters where he'll meet defending NCAA champion Jesse Delgado. Delgado looked a little better than I expected at B1Gs, and I expect him to be a little better at NCAAs, but not enough to reverse the earlier result against Waters. That said, if Waters is gong to lose before the Finals, I think it's here, right after the weigh in. I then have Waters getting by Nathan Tomasello in the semifinals before losing to Joey Dance. 3. Nahshon Garrett, Cornell * Garrett's draw is deceptively tough also, but I have him comfortably beating Tim Lambert and Zeke Moisey in the first two rounds. After that I have him surviving a tough quarter against "Pablo" Klimara before losing to Dance in the semis. When he drops to the wrestlebacks, I have him finally beating Jesse Delgado in the consolation semifinals and then Thomas Gilman in the consolation Finals to get 3rd place. 4. Thomas Gilman, Iowa Gilman caught a tough spot in the bracket. He could very conceivably make the finals. That said, after a relatively comfortable Round 1, he hits his first landmine in Jordan Conaway in Round 2. Gilman is better and should win, but the matches have been razor thin. If Gilman is upset here he'll probably have to beat Jesse Delgado in the Round of 12 to make AA. I have him winning, though, and then going to the quarters where he loses to Dance. I then have Gilman dropping down and running off wins against Dylan Peters in the Round of 12, Pablo and Nate Tomasello in the consolations before losing in the 3rd place match to Nahshon Garrett. 5. Jesse Delgado, Illinois I have Delgado overcoming adversity to get the AA finish that seems more likely, to me, after B1Gs. I have him upsetting two straight seed, Tyler Cox and Dylan Peters to make the quarters, where I have him losing again to Alan Waters. I then have him dropping down to face Jordan Conaway in the Round of 12. I have Jesse winning there, then beating Tyler Cox again before losing the last match of the rivalry against Nahshon Garrett. I then have Delgado reversing the result against Tomasello from the B1G semifinals in the 5th place match. 6. Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State * I have Tomasello with a relatively smooth run into the semifinals. His first and second round match ups are comfortable wins (DeAngelo and Lizak), and then he gets the relatively weak 5 seed in Boyle (who he should beat) or Kory Mines of Edinboro (whom he has traditionally treated as a practice dummy) in the quarters. I don't see him overcoming Waters who will be on full feed on Friday night, and so bigger and less likely to gas. After that, I have him dropping down and losing to Gilman in the consolation semifinals and Delgado in the 5th place match 7. Eddie Klimara, Oklahoma State I have really given some crap to the kid with the Pablo nickname bestowed by hammerlockthree, but I have him getting on the stand this year. I have Klimara comfortably into the quarters on the back of solid wins over Trey Andrews of Northern Colorado and Ronnie Rios of Oregon State. I have him losing to Nahshon in the quarters and dropping down into the round of 12. There I have him beating Josh Rodriguez and losing to Gilman in the next round. In the 7th place match, I have him beating Tyler Cox. 8. Tyler Cox, Wyoming Cox is going to really give it to the backside here. My bracket has him losing in Round 1 to defending champion Jesse Delgado, then running roughshod over the wrestlebacks to make the stand. I have him beating David Terao of American, Ronnie Rios of Oregon State, Brandon Jeske of Old Dominion, and Sean Boyle, the 5 seed, in the Round of 12. There I have him losing to Jesse Delgado again and then losing to Klimara in the 7th place match. Predictions: 1. Joey Dance, Virginia Tech 2. Alan Waters, Missouri 3. Nahshon Garrett, Cornell * 4. Thomas Gilman, Iowa 5. Jesse Delgado, Illinois 6. Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State * 7. Eddie Klimara, Oklahoma State 8. Tyler Cox, Wyoming Round of 12: Sean Boyle, Chattanooga; Jordan Conaway, Penn State; Josh Rodriguez, North Dakota State; Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa **Team Race Implications: I have Lizak winning one champinship match and that's it.
  2. Bonus: I'll attach my handfilled out brackets so you can see where I biasedly eliminated your team's competitors as well as mock my terrible, child like handwriting. I also only did this to 8 places at each weight, even though I know the allocations vary because I'm super lazy. 125: 1. Thomas Gilman, Iowa 2. Nate Tomasello, Ohio Staet 3. Tim Lambert, Nebraska 4. Conor youtsey, Michigan 5. Jordan Conaway, Penn State 6. Jesse Delgado, Illionois 7. Ethan Lizak, Minnesota 8. Luke Welch, Purdue Semifinals: Gilman vs. Conaway, Tomasello vs. Delgado. 133: 1. Chris Dardanes, Minnesota 2. Jimmy Gulibon, Penn State 3. Johnni DiJulius, Ohio State 4. Cory Clark, Iowa 5. Ryan Taylor, Wisconsin 6. Zane Richards, Illinois 7. Rossi Bruno, Michigan 8. Scott Delvecchio, Rutgers Semifinals: Dardanes vs. Clark, Gulibon vs. Taylor 141: 1. Nick Dardanes, Minnesota 2. Logan Stieber, Ohio State 3. Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers 4. Anthony Abidin, Nebraska 5. Steven Rodriguez, Illinois 6. Josh Dziewa, Iowa 7. George Fisher, Michigan 8. Nick Lawrence, Purdue Semifinals: Stieber vs. Ashnault, Abidin vs. Dardanes 149: 1. Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern 2. Brandon Sorenson, Iowa 3. Hunter Stieber, Ohio State 4. Zack Beitz, Penn State 5. Alex Pantaleo, Michigan 6. Ken Theobold, Rutgers 7. Jake Short, Minnesota 8. Kyle Langenderfer, Illinois Semifinals: Sorenson vs. Pantaleo, Tsirtsis vs. Beitz 157: 1. Dylan Ness, Minnesota 2. Isaiah Martinez, Illinois 3. James Green, Nebraska 4. Doug Welch, Purdue 5. Josh Demas, Ohio State 6. Brian Murphy, Michigan 7. Anthony Perrotti, Rutgers 8. Luke Frey, Penn State Semifinals: Martinez vs. Welch, Green vs. Ness 165: 1. Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin 2. Bo Jordan, Ohio State 3. Nick Moore, Iowa 4. Taylor Walsh, Indiana 5. Pierce Harger, Northwestern 6. Nick Wanzek, Minnesota 7. Garrett Hammond, Penn State 8. Jackson Morse, Illinois Semifinals: B. Jordan vs. Harger, Walsh vs. I. Jordan 174: 1. Mike Evans, Iowa 2. Logan Storley, Minnesota 3. Robert Kokesh, Nebraska 4. Matt Brown, Penn State 5. Zac Brunson, Illinois 6. Nathan Jackson, Indiana 7. Mark Martin, Ohio State 8. Chad Welch, Purdue Semifinals: Kokesh vs. Storley, Evans vs. Brown 184: 1. Sam Brooks, Iowa 2. Domenic Abounader, Michigan 3. Brett Pfarr, Minnesota 4. Kenny Courts, Ohio State 5. Ricky Robertson, Wisconsin 6. TJ Dudley, Nebraska 7. Matt McCutcheon, Penn State 8. Nikko Reyes, Illinois Semifinals: Brooks vs. Courts, Dudley vs. Abounader 197: 1. Kyle Snyder, Ohio State 2. Morgan McIntosh, Penn State 3. Scott Schiller, Minnesota 4. Nathan Burak, Iowa 5. Timmy McCall, Wisconsin 6. Max Huntley, Michigan 7. Aaron Studebaker, Nebraska 8. Alex Polizzi, Northwestern HW: 1. Mike McMullen, Northwestern 2. Bobby Telford, Iowa 3. Adam Coon, Michigan 4. Michael Kroells, Minnesota 5. Connor Medbery, Wisconsin 6. Jimmy Lawson, Penn State 7. Nick Tavanello, Ohio State 8. Billy Smith, Rutgers Big ten Predictions 1.pdf
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