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Found 6 results

  1. Inspired by the Suriano Fix match two new rules cannot come soon enough. 1. Like International Freestyle a point should be awarded to your opponent if you lose your challenge. 2. Hands to the face should result in a caution system like false starts. Caution 1, 2, then a point. Question: Trying to remember, but did anyone in that long boring match take an offensive shot on their opponent?
  2. I know that this is the NCAA forum, and that this belongs in the High School forum, but this forum has much more traffic and will likely get answered quicker here. Our head coach forgot to order the 2017-18 Rules Book, but we got this poster in the mail. It outlines the rule revisions for this season, but the language of #4 is pretty confusing. Can anyone help explain this? #4 A fall or near fall shall not be awarded if wrestler being pinned is handicapped by having any portion of the wrestler's body out of bounds.
  3. FILA/UWW is ruining our sport and it is ridiculous! Why are we letting this corrupt/obsolete organization control the great sport of wrestling with weight class reduction and rules that go against common sense. Here's how we fix this situation: (in order of importance) 1) Implement the 14 high school wrestling weights (The good ones from ~2010: 103, 112, 119 etc). Weight classes need to make sense, and 132.25 does not make sense. 2) Make sure that only the wrestler in CONTROL can score. WHY are we awarding points for flipping, flopping, and locking hands!? LOCKING HANDS! 3) Change the World Championships to a 3 day event with weigh ins every morning, and with seedings and a FULL WRESTLE BACK. No more "repechage" to screw over Americans. Have long breaks between important rounds like the Quarters and the Semis, and broadcast it on ESPN. And have it in St. Louis EVERY YEAR! And if the "IOC" isn't on board with these changes, then FORGET THEM and we'll start our own World Championship. UWW, are you listening!???
  4. Are there any other states that restricts the travel of their high school sports teams like Michigan. I believe it's something like you can participate in any competition 300 miles or more, or if any other team competing is further than 300 miles. I would love to see some of Michigan's top teams wrestling at Ironman but since there are teams from all over that attend that disqualifies anyone from Michigan from wrestling. If someone know why this rule is in place or has the exact rule please let me know.
  5. John Smith has a video up rbehind the FloWrestling paywall. He brings up a good point on how officials inconsistently call takedowns in scramble or funk situations (specifically the leg pass), and proposes a few solutions. Smith points out that right now no two refs call leg pass situations exactly the same, and that someone from the NCAA should objectively define what the criteria for a takedown vs stalemate are in this situation. One ref will award the attacking wrestler with a takedown and back points, while another will gift the leg passer a stalemate in the exact same position. This is a problem. Currently, folkstyle has clear definitions for takedowns in several situations ("wrong leg in," locked hands in a cradle, one hands touches the mat- are all specific criteria) that take the subjectivity out of reffing. The leg pass situation has no clear definition as the rules have lagged behind the technique of the last decade. To Smith, it boils down to two simple criteria: 1) Land on your inside him with both of your knees on the same side, and 2) Stop the leg passer from rolling the other direction and hold him in nearfall criteria. Here's an example: Delgado attempts to leg pass Nashon Garrett. Garret goes with the roll, but lands on his inside hip with both of his knees together and holds Delgado on his back with a crossface. As soon as Garrett holds Delgado in a position that he can't leg pass out of, Garrett is in control and should be rewarded (he was the attacking wrestler after all). Regardless if the NCAA adopts Smith's criteria, he feels that they need to do something. Right now, the subjective discretion that refs have in this situation is a major problem with folkstyle wrestling. The interpretation of this position changes on a ref-by-ref basis and does not reward the wrestler who takes a risk and attacks. He sums up his feelings on this position nicely by urging refs to "put points on the board!"
  6. My daughter wrestled in a tournament here in Michigan, in Flint. She wrestled on a round robin bracket and the results were close enough that they had to consult the rules for criteria. My daughter was the only wrestler to have a win by fall. When i went to the table to inquire about how the results went, the father of the boy my daughter pinned walked over and what came next was a half hour debate that did not move his son forward in the placement whatsoever. All he managed to do was ensure my daughter was not given the 1st place, and that it instead went to a boy who was not even there anymore. I just shook my head and gave them the gold medal and took the silver and left. My daughter had already left with her mother so I would have to break the news to her later. In looking back on it though and reading the rules it seems to me that she should of taken 1st as she clearly met the criteria of the wrestler with the most wins by fall. This is a link to the bracket on photobucket. My daughter's name is Morigan Kiernan. http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad94/VTV115/Moriganshouldofwongold_zps0umijkdj.jpg Can someone please clarify this for me?
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