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Found 2 results

  1. I know that this is the NCAA forum, and that this belongs in the High School forum, but this forum has much more traffic and will likely get answered quicker here. Our head coach forgot to order the 2017-18 Rules Book, but we got this poster in the mail. It outlines the rule revisions for this season, but the language of #4 is pretty confusing. Can anyone help explain this? #4 A fall or near fall shall not be awarded if wrestler being pinned is handicapped by having any portion of the wrestler's body out of bounds.
  2. 1. Metcalf 2. Oliver 3. Kennedy 4. Green 5. Steiber 6. Hump 7. Pico 8. Russell 9. Molinaro 10. Ness 11. Chamberlain 12. Futtrell 13. Reth 14. Heil If seeds hold, Metcalf has Russel, Green, Oliver 2-out-of-3.
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