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Found 2 results

  1. I extracted some facts about 2016 Olympics Champions and medallists. Please add yourselves :) 1. Four of 6 Olympic champions, were 2015 W champions too (Khenchigashvili, Sadulaev, Snyder, Akgul). Also 2 other had good titlles recently (Ramonov was 2014 W champ and Yazdani was 2015 silver madalist). Maybe this states the importance of year preceding Olympics from both Physical and mental aspects. Also another fact is that consistency helps too much. 2. Ages of champions shows that Youngsters taking titles from veterans. We could have also here Higuchi, 20. Khenchigashvili 25 Ramonov, 25 Yazdani, 21 Sadulaev, 20 Snyder, 20 Akgul 25
  2. It is certainly not likely, but Cornell could have three guys on the 2016 Olympic Freestyle team: Kyle Dake, Gabe Dean and Nashon Garrett. I am not saying that any one of these guys is the favorite, but each has a legitimate shot. I'd give Dake a 25% chance because he has to beat Burroughs (unlikely) and Taylor (likely). I give Dean about the same shot since he is already very good and is rapidly improving. He looked fantastic at the junior worlds. Garrett is also young and new to freestyle. He'd have to beat Hazewinkel, Escobedo, Delgado and whoever else emerges. But I'd give him a 10% chance. Multiplying these out, (.25 * .25 *.05) a nearly 1% chance of scoring this triple. BTW, has any college team ever had three wrestlers on an Olympic Team in the 7 (now 6) weightclass era?
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