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Found 5 results

  1. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16243 COTY = Coach of the yaer Cael Sanderon wins his third Intermat Coach of the year award. This was the correct pick imo. Cael is without a doubt the best coach in the ncaa right now. He has his wrestlers competing better than anyone at the moment. Final results: 1. Cael Sanderson (Penn State) 78 (6) 2. Kevin Dresser (Virginia Tech) 61 (3) 3. Pat Popolizio (N.C. State) 30 4. John Smith (Oklahoma State) 28 5. Tom Ryan (Ohio State) 22 6. Nick Mitchell (Grand View) 15 (1) 7. Rob Koll (Cornell) 6 8. Eric Keller (Wartburg) 5 9. Steve Costanzo (St. Cloud State) 4 10. Brian Smith (Missouri) 1 Intermat's Tom Franck on Cael's season: "At the beginning of the season it seemed like there would be a battle for the team title at the NCAA tournament. When the event actually came about, there was still a battle, but it was for second place. Cael Sanderson's Nittany Lions not only won every competition they entered this year, but distanced themselves from the field in a surprising fashion," said InterMat's Tom Franck. Great season for Cael and Penn State.
  2. Just wondering, anyone know how Corey Shakur Rasheed is doing in the Penn State room? I have not seen him at opens this year. He was impressive in NY. http://www.gopsusports.com/sports/m-wrestl/mtt/shakur_rasheed_921793.html
  3. It seems to me that many people believe that it's extremely easy to lead a highly ranked HS wrestler to an ncaa title. So easy, that they don't feel a coach really deserves credit for the kids success. For example, I've talked to a few that believed that Cael's coaching abilities should not be judged on what he does with guys like Ruth and Taylor, rather he should be judged on what he does with guys like Conaway, Vollrath, and English. I disagree with this. Imo, the job that Cael did with Ruth and Taylor is superior to the job he did with English. Ruth's 3 ncaa titles, and Taylor's 2 ncaa titles trump English's one low AA finish. I read a post from another thread earlier that made me think of starting this thread, here's the relevant portion: "If I can send kids like Steve Bosak to your school, who never won a state title, and you as a coach have a program to foster the kid's ability to 3 time AA and National Champ then you are a great coach". I believe that coaching Kyle Dake to 4 ncaa titles is Koll's best work. That's superior to taking Bosak to 3 AA's and an ncaa title to me. I guess my major point is that I think coaches should get more credit for taking their "studs" to the promised land than they currently get. I don't believe that it's a given that guys like Dake, Ruth, and Taylor would have been as successful anywhere they went. The belief that these kids would have won just as much anywhere else is not uncommon. Last season, I argued that Cael's job with Ruth and Taylor was superior to what Flynn did with Port and Schopp. (the context was ncaa coach of the year) I was called crazy for it, but I never got a clear answer as to why. I don't know why I should automatically believe that taking a good HS wrestler to 5th place is better than taking a great HS wrestler to the ncaa title. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. Should we give coaches more credit for taking the elite HS wrestlers to ncaa success?
  4. Hello all, Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about some of my past threads here on TheMat. Specifically, I was thinking about the threads where I discussed my criterion for coaching greatness. For those who don't know already, I believe you need to win ncaa team titles to be considered a great coach. Several posters disliked my criteria and felt that my standards were too strict. Because I wouldn't allow guys like Koll and Flynn into my "great" category as exceptions to the rule, I got a lot of heat. I kept hearing about all of the struggles that these coaches had to deal with and how that it was unreasonable for me to expect ncaa titles from their teams. Lack of highly ranked recruits and less than 9.9 scholarships were the common reasons given for why schools like Edinboro, CMU, American, and many others are at a severe disadvantage. As many of you know, I countered by saying that I hold the coaches responsible for their situations. I believe that many in the wrestling community fail to consider that just maybe a lot of the coaches who always have less are actually in that predicament due to their own shortcomings as a coach. Maybe a lack of scholarship money is due to poor fundraising strategies? Or maybe a lack of effort? Maybe the reason for not being able to secure highly ranked HS studs is because the studs looked back on the coaches record and realized the poor job that was done with other wrestlers in the past? I remember pointing out a few shortcomings of a very popular small school coach and the responses that I received. You'd have thought I was committing blasphemy by the way I was verbally attacked. But what really stood out to me was that the facts I pointed out were rarely, if ever, addressed directly. They were simply swept under the rug. I guess this is what should be expected when you challenge the popular narrative that everyone assumes, or wants to be true. All of this makes me think of how it seems that the only coaches who seem to have clear, identifiable standards are the top coaches. Cael, Smith, Brands, Jrob, etc. We expect these guys to produce national championship teams. 1st place at ncaas. When they fail, we hear about how their programs are struggling and that maybe some changes need to be made at, or near the top. At many (maybe most) other universities, the standards are very ambiguous. What are the standards at Buffalo, Clarion, or Wyoming? If schools like these ever make their way into the top 10, we hear about how good of a job the coach is doing. That he's doing so much "more with less". It seems to me that no one ever mentions what's considered to be underachieving at places like these. What type of performance should get a coach fired from a place like NDSU? I'd like to go through all of the teams in D1 and try to see what everyone believes is expected from each school. To be clear, I expect ALL programs to be going for the ncaa team title. I'm not backing away from my standards one bit. But since so many others believe that all coaches shouldn't be held to championship standards, what standards should be used then? I guess national champions, all americans and ncaa qualifiers would be a good place to start?
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