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Found 3 results

  1. Check out this cool new I found from the Gotham City takedown tournament that was held in March. Has some familiar faces in it. I saw Bellator fighter Brenan Ward as well as 2x All American Walter Peppelman. Pretty cool stuff here. https://vimeo.com/125527340
  2. I cancelled my membership to flow after my son's freshman year, he said he didn't use it enough to pay that much for it. During his sophomore year we found another bill for flow and asked they return the money through our Discover Card account. Our Discover Card resolution returned the money to us. We changed our DiscoverCard number to avoid being billed again. I noticed we were billed again during his junior year using our old number that Discover Card somehow allowed to them to bill us under. I called Discover Card and disputed the bill again this past year. I am currently in an investigation and Discover Card says I have to provide proof of the phone call from three years ago to avoid being billed again. I asked if cancelling Discover Card would prevent them from billing us again. I was told by the Discover Card representative that this was a reaccuring charge and unless we could provide proof that we cancelled the charge through flow they could put a charge against our credit rating. Be very careful.
  3. I usually don't post on here, instead just read, but felt compelled to post, considering the recent mailbag from T.R. Foley, which was great: http://www.intermatwrestle.com/articles/13472 Of note, Flo Wrestling has announced a new "Flo Premier League" with Ben Askren as the commissioner. Without offering my opinion regarding the overall potential and success of the league, including the rules, athletes, fan interest, etc. curious to know TheMat.com message board's perspective on this new league in development, its potential to be successful, and its value to the sport of wrestling as a wholel?
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