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Found 3 results

  1. Jordan Burroughs recently joined Takedown Wrestling in a YouTube interview to discuss his shoes, when he will be back on the mat, creating Foxcatcher 2.0 and he will considering coaching Team USA after 2020, possibly the coach of Foxcatcher 2.0? From the interview he made it sound like he would rather coach Freestyle rather than be a college coach because he wants USA to be back on top. "I want to win a World Championship on a World Championship team." Follow the link to the interview Takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/Jordan-Burroughs-creating-a-legacy/
  2. I think the focus on Burroughs’s double leg can lead to a misunderstanding of how his offense works. Burroughs has a main shot — the head inside, straight double leg — but his shots and finishes are varied. He transitions smoothly between all of his shots, which is really why he is so dangerous. I took a look at one aspect of the three matches that Burroughs wrestled with Tsargush at the World’s/Olympics. Burroughs - Shots Burroughs took 18 shots that resulted in a grip on the leg. Burroughs attempted double legs 9 times out of those 18 shots. Burroughs attempted a double leg and finished it cleanly 3 times. He scored off of other combinations 3 times — but doubles or a similar motion (peek out) were always involved. At times, he switched off between as many as 3 different finishes to complete a leg attack. It’s worth noting that the tie-ups and set-ups for all of these shots are fairly similar (fake, bang the head and go). Tsargush - Defense Burroughs’s single leg to the left - Tsargush’s (right) lead leg and preferred defensive position - occurred 13 times (surely Tsargush’s game plan). Typically, Tsargush whizzered and squared up in this position. Tsargush tends to down block and block with his head very effectively, to limit the number of shots he has to defend in the first place. Tsargush was most vulnerable at times when he reached with his right hand to club the head — this led to 5 of Burroughs’s 6 scores.
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