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Found 2 results

  1. FILA/UWW is ruining our sport and it is ridiculous! Why are we letting this corrupt/obsolete organization control the great sport of wrestling with weight class reduction and rules that go against common sense. Here's how we fix this situation: (in order of importance) 1) Implement the 14 high school wrestling weights (The good ones from ~2010: 103, 112, 119 etc). Weight classes need to make sense, and 132.25 does not make sense. 2) Make sure that only the wrestler in CONTROL can score. WHY are we awarding points for flipping, flopping, and locking hands!? LOCKING HANDS! 3) Change the World Championships to a 3 day event with weigh ins every morning, and with seedings and a FULL WRESTLE BACK. No more "repechage" to screw over Americans. Have long breaks between important rounds like the Quarters and the Semis, and broadcast it on ESPN. And have it in St. Louis EVERY YEAR! And if the "IOC" isn't on board with these changes, then FORGET THEM and we'll start our own World Championship. UWW, are you listening!???
  2. The USA and Cuba have restored diplomatic relations. The USA has eased travel restrictions on Cuba. Literally any of us can now travel there. The USA is about to take Cuba off its terror list, which will ease some economic sanctions. Raul Castro and Obama recently met, and they both agreed that Cuba's isolation is a relic of the cold war, and the best path forward is greater cooperation. Everybody expects to see Hiltons and Senor Turtles popping up in Havana in the next 5 to 10 years. Now, after watching the Russians dominate everything, it might be time to start training more closely with the Cubans. There's a lot we can learn from them, and training with elite wrestlers who are steeped in freestyle would only make our guys better. Geographically, Cuba is super close the USA. I can't imagine it would take much to bring their guys over here and vice versa. There's also some precedent for training with representatives from other countries. Franklin Gomez and Jaime Espinal train at the NLWC, but represent Puerto Rico. How great would it be to have Cortina at PSU? Or Salas at ASU? Or Bonne at OSU?
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