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Found 2 results

  1. Tecumseh Public Schools in Tecumseh, MI recently posted an opening for high school varsity wrestling coach. The community has super kids, great schools, supportive parents, and a very strong tradition of success on the mat and in the classroom. Plus, Advantage WC will be moving back to Tecumseh's room this fall. More info about the head coaching job and how to apply is available at: http://tps.k12.mi.us/human-resources/?category=Athletics%2FActivities Other jobs within the district are open for qualified candidates including teaching positions, an elementary principal, middle school counselor, and aid jobs: http://tps.k12.mi.us/human-resources/ Contact Athletic Director Greg Lewis by phone at (517) 424-6505 ext 7121
  2. Minny vs. Michigan was one of the best duals of the season, right down to the last match, where #1 Chris Dardanes had to beat #8 Rossi Bruno for Minny to win by a point. The dual was 19 to 17 in favor of Michigan headed into that last match and featured one pin from each team: Ness cradled Murphy to turn a Murphy single into yet another Ness pin and Coon steamrolled through Kroells in 26 seconds with an over/under sag right to Kroells' back for the quick stick. Abounader vs. Pfarr was the most exciting match of the dual. Pfarr hit a single to double to score first, and towards the end of the first period, Abounader reversed him to his back by catching one of Pfarr's feet hipping out of Pfarr's ride, and slapped on a weird cradle-like move. Abounader probably would've pinned Pfarr had the bell to end the first not rung. Pfarr was then forced to play catch-up for the rest of the match. Pfarr deserves an A for effort because he kept attacking and presuring Abounader, who looked completely gassed in the third period when Pfarr scored two TDs that put him one final TD away from sending the match into OT. Had it gone into OT, I have no doubt Pfarr would've finally broken Abounader. That said, I thought Pfarr benefited from home cooking by the refs, so the right guy ultimately won the match. I thought both of Pfarr's last two TDs were controversial. Here is video of the first, which went to video review and was upheld. I get that the new rules allow for no reaction time, but how is that a TD? Abounader went from a deep whizzer that prevented control right to a leg pass. I don't get it.... The last one involved another leg pass by Abounader where the TD was awarded mid-scramble, as Pfarr turned into the funk but then had to step over into a 50/50 stalemate position because Abounader had his leg secured. At which point during a leg pass is it a TD when the guy still has the leg? I have generally seen TDs awarded in these situations when either the offensive wrestler clearly has his hips on top of the defensive guy and is working a ride even though his leg is still trapped under or when the defensive wrestler exposes his own back for more than a brief moment and puts himself at risk.
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