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Found 3 results

  1. If you're familiar with my past posts, you know that I believe that Martinez made Nolf look better than he actually was last year, and if he wrestled up to his potential, would have beaten Nolf comfortably. I like Nolf, but outside of his pace, I haven't seen anything close to great wrestling from him so far. I wasn't surprised at all to see him barely edge past Massa, and lose to a high school wrestler, Mark Hall, this off season. Nolf may end up being a great wrestler, but as of right now, I think many are overestimating his wrestling prowess because they are suffering from the "David Taylor syndrome". The condition in which one regularly places wrestlers on a higher pedestal than other more accomplished wrestlers due to wide margin of victories over lower tier competition. Of course this condition was widespread on this board when Kyle Dake was outperforming Taylor on the mat, but was still somehow behind him because Taylor looked like a million bucks against low AA finishers. I think we are seeing the same thing today. I saw someone predicted that Nolf would beat Martinez "like a red-headed stepchild" somewhere on the boards. I've heard similar statements from others elsewhere. I'm on the other end of the spectrum because I'm not sure how anyone can clearly say that Nolf is a better wrestler than a guy like Dein Heil. I believe p4p Heil would have beaten Nolf last year and would have presented just as big of a challenge to Martinez. So...how good is Nolf? Thread roll call: (Please leave me a message guys) MSU158 Vakattack Willie HoundedHawk WildTurkey44 Tbarr1977 FlyingTiger Wrestlingnerd HurricaneWrestling Cletus Tucker LordNelson BigTimeFan Old Marine Others not on the list, please feel free to contribute to this topic.
  2. With Nevills out for an indeterminate amount of time is there any chance that Anthony Cassar could be back? I noticed he isn't listed on the PSU roster at the moment. I know he was recovering from an injury he got at last years Jr. Worlds. He was looking very good up until his injury. Any word on how he's doing and when he might be back?
  3. How will the team look next year? I got: 125- Mega/Conaway 133- Gulibon 141- Zain 149- Beitz 157- Nolf 165- Hammond/Rasheed 174- Nickal 184- McCutcheon 197- McIntosh HWT- Nevills Also, how is the recruiting game coming along? Anything new there?
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