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  1. tOSU: They needed Courts/Demas/JDJ to punch through and the one I thought wouldn't did. Regardless: Over-performed (Freshman got it done and Logan was Logan) Iowa: Under-performed. Took 2nd, lost some key bouts and had a few guys just flat out quit on the program. Edinboro: Hit the margin. Little school in po-dunk PA that everyone said had no chance this year gets a team trophy. Hell, put Austin Matthews in there and they are in 2nd.......but every team is banged up. Boro has a lot less room for error. MIZZ: Under-performed. No need to pile on them but Cox and Waters didn't get it done in deep weights. It didn't help Eblen lost his mind. They were seeded well but we all know what that means. Cornell: Hit the margin. Yea the Garrett losses but again, injury plays a role. He ran back through. Villalonga did what he should've as did Realbuto and Dean. Palacio and Bennett didn't get there but they win a match or two and they are top 3. Penn State: Hit the margin. Conaway gets AA. Gulibon, McIntosh, Brown, and Lawson all did well. They'll reload but Cael conceded the title back in November. OSU: Over-performed. Uncle John getting it out of Heil and Crutch. Others doing what they should. Minnesota: Under-performed. Injuries got the gophs. Classiest team in the tournament. Ness coming out Saturday made me emotional, and I'm emotionally retarded. Regardless, gopher nation is proud of their team but they wouldn't deny their lack of performance. Nebraska: Hit the Margin. Better runs through the wrestle backs and Nebraska could have jumped a spot or too but all in all they were steady. Kokesh came up short but that weight has been tough predict for years. VTech: Underperformed. They had a nice year and getting guys like Epperly to the podium is impressive. Luck of the draw and Dance not winning put them where they don't want to be. OUTSIDE THE TOP TEN NOTES: Had a good tourney: Michigan: don't care what others think of the staff, considering all things they did well NCSTATE: Kevin Jack! Look, if you're a mid major do what Popolizio is doing and you can't go wrong Wanted more from: Northern Iowa Wyoming **These guys usually get a few through, will be back next year I'm sure Not scoring over 1 point as a team in the National Tournament and you have 9.9 Scholarships?? -Then it is time to re-evaluate your program philosophy because you aren't getting it done. -Any and all AD's should demand AA quality kids from every school with at least 5 scholarships, 9.9 schools should be producing 1-2 AA contenders a year, no excuses.
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