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  1. Delgado and/or T-shirts may not make the finals, much less repeat this year. Let's get together a lineup of the best guys who didn't repeat the next year after winning a title. Will update with suggestions. 125- Matt McD (twice?) 133- Oliver 141 ish- Dan Gable (?) 149- Metcalf/Caldwell/Maple 157- Derrick St. John 165 ish- Matt Reiss/ Taylor 174- Drew Howe 184- Qwright 197- Kilgore Hwt- Anthony Nelson/Kerry McCoy Edit: Bumped Wright down to the weight he didn't defend at, and added in Kilgore who Wright man-handled at 197. Added homer mancrush Metcalf, kept Caldwell as a backup only because who knows if his shoulder has healed, and Maple because: damn.
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