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  1. A few different posters have mentioned that they believe freestyle offers a much more impressive product that folkstyle. I belong to that camp, too. The constant action, dynamic scoring, generally fan friendly and objective rules all keep freestyle wrestling exciting to watch. However, there are some foibles with the current rule set that FILA can iron out before Rio 2016: 1) Cautions as criteria- Several matches over the weekend left the crowd scratching it's collective head because, apparently, number of cautions takes precedent over last point scored. This one simple criteria blew a few matches, most notably the Bonne vs Lebedev fiasco. At 57kg, Lebedev scored twice via the 30-second shot lock, and Bonne scored once on the shot clock and once on a pushout. The match ended 2-2 and Lebedev despite the fact that Bonne was the only wrestler who scored offensively. The referee gave Lebedev both of his points via subjective judgement to win, while Bonne attacked and scored to lose. How cautions and criteria interact active discourages wrestlers to attempt to score. Bottom line: cautions should not be a tie-breaker criteria. 2) 30 Shot clock timer- Currently, if you get put on the shot clock and get into a scoring position as the 0:30 clock expires, the referee allows you an undefined amount of time to finish the attack before hitting you for passivity. This doesn't follow the same logic as the match clock, puts unnecessary subjectivity into the ref's hands and should be changed. When the match clocks ticks down (up, I guess?) to 6:00, the match ends no matter what- the ref cannot give you more time to finish an imminent attack. The most exciting moments in any sport come when a score just beats out the buzzer to win (see the 57kg finals), not when the attacker is given the benefit of the doubt, just because. That's how the shot clock should work. The idea of the shot clock is to take subjectivity out of stall calls by allowing the wrestler to objectively demonstrate that he is active. Bottom line: allowing the ref to fudge the 0:30 seconds is subjective and leads to less tense and exciting moments. 3) Repechage- Repechage currently makes no sense. Beating a dead horse much? Yes, but this is ridiculous. Looking at the same Bonne vs Lebedev match at 57kg again, how much sense does it make that Bonne had to pack up his shoes and go home because Lebedev lost a squeaker in the semis and eventually won the Bronze freaking Medal? The process of random draws and unbalanced brackets that FILA set up (to purposfully randomize the brackets and allow more fringe countries a chance to medal) forced Bonne into wrestling a Top 5 opponent in the second round. How fair is it to him that he doesn't get to wrestle just because he lost to the freaking Bronze Medalist? A similar thing happened to Herbert, albeit he didn't deserve to win his first match, but he lost to the man who eventually won a medal. Herbert deserved another chance to wrestle. Bottom Line: If we have to have repechage, at least the semi-finalists should pull their opponents back in. TLDR: Freestyle is in great shape. Two point take downs, neutral restarts, slightly more time in par terre, and the benefit of the doubt going to the attacking wrestler make for the most exciting matches I've ever seen. But, that it's still not 100% there yet. Sorry for the rant. I apparently had too much coffee today, and don't have anyone IRL to talk to wrestling about right now.
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